Hole, notch, and no notch: Samsung phones may have it all

Samsung isn’t going to stay away from the notch after all, or at least that’s what the company has implied at its developer conference today. Samsung revealed onstage that it has a number of Infinity displays in the works, and two of them will have a small notch in the center. One of those will have a hole at the side of the display, while the fourth version will have minimum bezels with no notch or other obstruction.

Samsung Infinity displays will be ‘infinite’ in different ways

Samsung Infinity

The no-notch Infinity display is dubbed New Infinity. This is what Samsung is likely to use for the Galaxy S10 and all flagship smartphones in the future. Infinity-O is the one with the hole and will probably be seen on mid-range devices, including the Galaxy A8s that Samsung has already teased in China. Infinity-V and Infinity-U are the notched displays, with the letters in the name describing the shape of the notch. The notch looks to be smaller than what we have seen on the iPhones but is similar to the teardrop notches on devices like the OnePlus 6T, and we will most likely see this on the budget or lower mid-range Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung hasn’t offered more information on these new Infinity displays, so we can’t say in what form we will see those on actual smartphones. But if you thought the notch was never going to invade the Galaxy lineup, well, that’s certainly not going to be the case. But hey, at least we have the new Infinity Flex display on Samsung’s foldable phone to look forward to, right?

What do you think about Samsung’s new lineup of Infinity displays, notch and all?

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