Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie beta firmware also being tested in the US

The possibility of an One UI (Android Pie) beta program for the Galaxy Note 9 came to light yesterday when beta Android 9 firmware for the phone were discovered for Europe and South Korea. It was the first solid hint that Samsung could finally be launching a beta program for a Galaxy Note flagship. And a beta firmware that Samsung is testing in the US is now providing us with more evidence.

Galaxy Note 9 owners may yet get access to the One UI beta program

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie builds for the US carrier variants had leaked a few weeks before the S9 beta went live. And now, we have come across a beta build – N960U1UEU1ZRKH – for the unlocked Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960U1) for the US. For those who missed our story about the Note 9 beta yesterday, Samsung employes the letter Z for firmware builds that it releases as part of its beta programs. With a Galaxy Note 9 beta build now in development for the US model in addition to the Note 9 sold in Europe and South Korea, there’s a higher chance of the device joining Samsung’s One UI beta program in the near future.

If we were to guess, Samsung may choose to add the Galaxy Note 9 to the party with the second phase of the Galaxy S9 beta. Yet, with no official word from Samsung, we can only wait and see if the company will actually let Note 9 owners test out Android Pie and One UI before the official January release. If it doesn’t, you can leave it to us to tell you about all the new features Android Pie will introduce to Samsung Galaxy devices.

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