Triple-cameras are reportedly coming to the Galaxy A (2019) series

If recent reports are believed, Samsung is now willing to spend a bit more on hardware for its premium mid-range smartphones in a bid to gain more market share. The company hasn’t launched a smartphone with a triple-camera at the back so far. The Galaxy S10 has been rumored to be the first Samsung smartphone with this advanced camera system but if a new report is believed, Samsung might introduce its triple-camera system on the Galaxy A (2019) series first.

Galaxy A (2019) triple-cameras

One of the other rumors we have been hearing about the Galaxy S10 is that it may be the company’s first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor. That may not be the case if a recent report out of South Korea is believed. It claimed that the in-display fingerprint sensor technology will actually debut with some models of the Galaxy A (2019) series.

The latest report claims that Samsung is looking to add features like the triple-camera and in-display fingerprint sensor to its Galaxy A lineup before they’re fully adopted for the flagship Galaxy S series. The global hardware development team that works on smartphones other than the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagships has reportedly started researching for adding these key features to the next Galaxy A series.

One of the features they’re said to be considering is the “super-wide angle” triple-camera system that’s expected to be present on the Galaxy S10 as well. While the Galaxy S10 may feature an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor, Samsung is reportedly considering a cheaper optical display-based fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy A (2019) series.

It’s not common for Samsung to work on major features like these at the same time for its high-end and mid-range lineups at the same time. However, Samsung is said to be renewing its focus on budget devices as sales come under pressure in the high-end segment.

Samsung has traditionally released the new Galaxy A handsets a couple of months before the new Galaxy S flagship. If the company doesn’t delay the Galaxy A (2019) launch next year then it’s quite possible that the Galaxy S10 may not be the first Samsung smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor or a triple-camera system.

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If they don’t get then the supposive low range S10 should get the triple camera setup too