Trademarks reveal how Samsung might name the Galaxy A series in 2020

This year Samsung made a slight change to its Galaxy A series’ name by adding a second digit to it, particularly a zero at the end. Therefore, the successor to the Galaxy A5 (2018) became the Galaxy A50 this year; the Galaxy A7 (2018) was followed up by the Galaxy A70, and so on. Now the question is how Samsung will proceed with its naming scheme in 2020, and we may have gotten the answer from a series of trademarks filed with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).

A total of nine trademark applications have been filed with the EUIPO yesterday. They aim to secure names such as “Samsung A11,” “Samsung A21,” and all the way up to “Samsung 91.” So instead of having to add the year 2020 in brackets to their names, smartphones belonging to next year’s Galaxy A series should be easier to differentiate from this year’s lineup. At least as long as we assume that the South Korean company will stick to this particular naming scheme. As usual, trademark applications don’t always reveal the true story.

It remains to be seen if Samsung intends to give a similar treatment to the Galaxy M series in 2020, whereby the Galaxy M10, M20, M30, and M40 launched this year would be followed by the Galaxy M11, M21, M31, and M41 next year.

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