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Exclusive: The Gear VR will be rebranded as Galaxy VR

Samsung’s trademark applications for devices called Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit were the first indications that the company would be bringing its wearable devices under the Galaxy umbrella.  Rumors about Samsung possibly readying a smartwatch running Wear OS supported that notion, and though we can’t say if such a smartwatch is in the works, we can confirm that Samsung will be switching to the Galaxy branding for at least some of its wearables.

Galaxy VR is incoming

Our sources tell us that the Gear VR will be rebranded as the Galaxy VR, and it would only make sense for Samsung to do the same for its fitness trackers and smartwatches. Not that we know for sure that will happen, but we can look towards the trademark applications for the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit for evidence that the company is looking at unifying its product lineup as far as the branding is concerned.

It’s also unclear when Samsung will actually go through with the change. If the rumors of a higher-resolution display on the Galaxy S10 turn out to be true, we can see the company making the announcement about the Galaxy VR alongside the unveiling of its tenth-anniversary Galaxy S flagship. An announcement at the Galaxy Note 9 launch is possible as well, but that might mean a newer Gear VR headset would be required for the upcoming Note flagship, so we’re hoping Samsung can wait until next year before making the Galaxy VR branding official.

What’s your take on Samsung switching from Gear to Galaxy for its wearables? Is that something you can get behind, or do you think Gear sounds much cooler and is what Samsung should be sticking to?

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