Samsung’s Android Go handset is being tested for the Indian subcontinent

Samsung didn’t partake in Google’s Android One program, but there have been recent indications that the company is making an Android Go handset. In fact, it’s pretty much confirmed that such a device is in the works. A benchmark listing for the Samsung SM-J260G gave us enough clues that it’s based on Android Go: the device was benchmarked with 1GB of RAM, a processor codenamed Universal7570_Go, and Android 8.1 Oreo. A trademark application also revealed that Samsung’s Android Go smartphone would be called Galaxy J2 Core, and today, we have discovered that the device is being tested for four markets in the Indian subcontinent.

Samsung’s Android Go effort focused on four markets

These countries are India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, all of which have traditionally been markets where Samsung debuts many of its budget offerings. India, in particular, is a hotbed for Samsung as the company has found it increasingly difficult to go head to head with competitors like Xiaomi. Right now, Samsung uses Tizen for devices with 1GB RAM or less and has managed to do quite well with its Tizen phones in the markets mentioned above. But you can only go so far with smartphones that don’t run Android, so it’s not surprising the Korean giant is focusing its initial Android Go effort in India and its neighboring countries.

Of course, it’s possible the Galaxy J2 Core, or at least future Android Go handsets from Samsung, will launch in other markets as well. Right now, however, development is focused on India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, so it remains to be seen how widely the device will be available when it goes official. If it goes official, that is, although there’s no reason why Samsung wouldn’t launch an Android Go smartphone. The company’s custom Android software isn’t suitable for running on ultra low-end hardware, so targeting consumers with an Android Go device makes a lot of sense when combined with Samsung’s brand recognition.

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