Samsung India relaunches Galaxy J2 Core (2020) with more storage

Samsung is re-launching the Galaxy J2 Core in India, perhaps in a bid to counter its rivals with more aggressive prices after the company lost second place to Vivo in Q1. The so-called Galaxy J2 Core (2020) was quietly released in India for INR 6,299 ($82), but despite the 2020 designation, it seems to be the very same device as the Galaxy J2 Core launched in 2018. What sets the 2020 model apart from the original variant is the on-board storage. It’s been bumped up from 8GB to 16GB.

The Galaxy J2 Core (2020) ships with 2018 software

Aside from more storage, the Galaxy J2 Core (2020) shares the same hardware as well as the same software of the original model. It ships with Android Oreo Go Edition, but it presumably has newer security patches out of the box.

The official spec sheet mentions a quad-core CPU that operates at a frequency of 1.4GHz, and although Samsung doesn’t specify which chipset it is, these characteristics match the Exynos 7570 to the letter.

The Galaxy J2 Core (2020) is available in black, blue, and gold, and it’s officially the cheapest smartphone offered by Samsung India as of this writing. The second most-affordable smartphone is the Galaxy A10s which sells for INR 8,980 ($117), but it is superior in every respect.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a ‘brand new’ (as in ‘unused’) Galaxy smartphone for under INR 6,500, the Galaxy J2 Core (2020) is your only option. Samsung fans and tech enthusiasts are probably not going to rush to buy this device, but there might still be a market for it.

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