Galaxy S9 battery capacity possibly revealed

A purported retail box of the Galaxy S9 was leaked online recently and while it revealed some information about the handset’s specifications, it didn’t reveal anything about its battery capacity. A filing made with Brazil’s telecommunications regulator ANATEL possibly reveals the Galaxy S9 battery capacity.

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have previously been spotted at the FCC and while those filings only hint at an impending launch, the ANATEL listing actually includes a little nugget of useful information.

Galaxy S9 battery capacity

If the information contained in this filing is accurate, then the Galaxy S9 battery capacity is going to be 3,000mAh which is exactly the same as the Galaxy S8. It was rumored at one point that the Galaxy S9 could have a 3,200mAh battery but we haven’t heard about this possibility since then.

Samsung might also stick to the script for the Galaxy S9+ as well and it might have the same 3,500mAh battery as the Galaxy S8+. These handsets are already going to be quite similar to their predecessors anyway.

The expectation with new flagship handsets is always that they’ll be thinner, lighter, more powerful and have bigger batteries. That’s easier said than done, though. Samsung fans can still keep their fingers crossed for an improvement in battery life due to more power efficient internals and hopefully better software optimization.

Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona next month.

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  • Sony's Xperia XZ1 (more or less) has a 2700 mAh battery and still handles the whole day. Samsung needs to improve consumption efficiency in the software, not battery capacity I think :)

  • Samsung tell me one reason other than the new soc and new camera that makes anyone buy s9 over s8 despite the later being much cheaper

    • Besides, the camera on the s8 is fantastic, and there will be no noticeable difference in performance even of the soc is changed, we can get a clue from the apple's A-whatever bionic - yea it packs a crazy spec, but does it outperform other devices, NO! I am so nkt even looking forward to the s9

      • Only reason I'm looking forward to the S9 launch is the new "Galaxy AI UX" and the new "DexPad". Samsung didn't innovate whatsoever with the S9 so they must innovate with software/accessories to shine this year.

    • I'm getting 8+ hours onscreen time watching mainly Twitch and Youtube on my S8+. One day I was only browsing and listening to music and I got 14 hours.

      Then look at Huawei what they're getting from their 4000mAh batteries on the Mate phones. It's really disappointing, Samsung are much better at optimizing software+hardware.

  • If it has the same capacity then why make the phones chunkier than the s8?

    Definitely after all the leaks I have lost all interest in this year model. Very disappointing that they have re-released the s8 in terms of similar specs (1 lense camera, same front camera from s8, same 4gb ram, same battery size, same screen, same design) but at much higher price.

    • I agree, but I am still hoping for stereo speakers, a full Force touch display, and AR capabilities in these new Galaxies.

      • :) your wishes may come partly in the S10 but maybe the S10 plus plus model which will be the most expensive one.

        Doubt force touch will ever come.

        • S10?! that looks and sounds ugly lol. I am sure, like Apple they will change the name of their devices at the 10th generation. But the Galaxy X is already taken for the foldable phone. I am thinking for the next generation, they will call it the "Samsung Nebula" or something else other worldly lol

          • I predict it will be called S10, S10 plus and a new model S10 plus plus.

            Lol specs for smaller model:
            4gb ram 64 GB memory
            Single lense camera 12 mgp
            Single speaker
            Micro SD
            No headphone jack
            Finger print scanner under screen maybe

            Basically a s8ss

  • I know the whole Note 7 thing happened but my S7E has a bigger capacity than both, only by a bit though. I know that it has worn over time. These just seems a bit lacking.

  • Its no always about numbers people!! A 3000mah can perfom better than 4000mah its depend on the process and sof of the phone so don't panic lets wait and see what samsung have

    • Not numbers that people are complaining about buy the fact the s9 hasn't moved on from the s8. It's disappointing that on paper it just a s8 with oly a new processor. But also made the phone fatter and less sleek

      • If they actually made the small s9 same spec as s9plus then i m sure it will be a hot seller. 6gb ram and dual camera.

        Interesting how they made the a8 with better front camera option

  • The same capacity when all major manufacturers put more and more batteries? For what to pay even more than they put a better camera and another questionable processor? When their software contains a lot of boatware and consumes the battery, when the gouges do the same thing, it's no surprise that the battery keeps a little, and then it's not normal to put one bigger one? This way they will lose much of the market at the expense of Huavei and Iphone that are much more reliable and better than samsung

  • Give me a fatter phone with bigger battery any day... I'm starting to dislike these wafer thin glass devices...