Galaxy S9 launch confirmed for MWC 2018

It was rumored last year that Samsung might launch the Galaxy S9 earlier than its predecessor with some even suggesting that a CES 2018 unveil was possible. That obviously hasn’t happened but there have been multiple reports about the possibility of the Galaxy S9 being launched at MWC 2018.

Samsung has now confirmed that it’s going to launch its first flagship smartphone of the year at the Mobile World Congress 2018 which takes place in Barcelona next month.

Galaxy S9 launch

The Mobile World Congress 2018 kicks off on February 26. The Galaxy S9 is still going to be launched a month earlier than its predecessor. The Galaxy S8 was unveiled at a special event at the end of March 2017.

During a press conference earlier today in Las Vegas, the president of Samsung’s mobile business DJ Koh confirmed that the Galaxy S9 launch is going to take place next month at MWC 2018, reports ZDNet. He also confirmed that the release date will be announced at the event.

Samsung not confirmed anything else about the handset so it’ll keep us waiting until February. Since it’s being launched a month before the Galaxy S8, it’s also going to hit the market earlier. We can expect it to be released by mid-March at least in some key markets across the globe.

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