Galaxy A (2018) series specs bump could cause a price increase

Samsung is expected to improve the Galaxy A (2018) series specs considerably, adding features like an Infinity Display and a dual camera. However, it’s likely that these improvements will drive the handsets’ price up. Latest reports suggest that the price of the new series could be higher compared to its predecessor.

All of the upcoming models are expected to get a decent specs bump. Some rumors even suggest that the handsets will feature an Infinity Display. We can expect a dual camera system on the high-end models.

Galaxy A (2018) Series Specs

The Galaxy A (2018) series is likely going to retain the premium build quality of its predecessor as well as its water and dust resistance. The Infinity Display has been rumored multiple times for the new devices.

If that’s meant to happen then we might see the fingerprint sensor being repositioned at the back. However, whether the Infinity Display will be curved on both sides remains to be seen.

The dual camera might not be present on the entry-level Galaxy A3 (2018) so we can expect it on the Galaxy A5 (2018) and Galaxy A7 (2018).

The Galaxy A (2018) series specs bump will also include improved internal hardware, possibly a bigger battery and a tweaked user interface. While Android 8.0 Oreo would have been out for a few months by then, it’s possible that these handsets will be running Nougat when they’re released.

Samsung normally releases its new Galaxy A series in the beginning of the new year so it’s going to take a few months for these devices to become official.

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