Samsung’s roadmap for Galaxy Note 8 sales revealed

Samsung is due to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23. Once it’s done with the event it will get down to the business of selling the new flagship smartphone. A new report out of South Korea claims to bring us the company’s roadmap for Galaxy Note 8 sales.

The report reiterates that Samsung is going to release the Galaxy Note 8 on September 15. It’s claimed that the duration of pre-order will be shorter than it was for the Galaxy S8 earlier this year.

Customers in South Korea will reportedly be able to pre-order the Galaxy Note 8 between September 1 and September 10. The pre-order period is one day less than it was for the Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S8 set a new pre-order record for Samsung. The company saw more than one million pre-orders being placed for the Galaxy S8 in South Korea. It remains to be seen if the Galaxy Note 8 will be able to equal or break this record.

The mobile carriers in South Korea expect significant demand for the new flagship phablet given that it’s essentially the first new Note handset in two years. Last year’s flagship, the Galaxy Note 7, had to be recalled and discontinued due to a defective battery.

Pre-order activations will reportedly begin in South Korea on September 11 and run through to September 14. The pre-activation dates are actually one day longer than they were for the Galaxy S8.

This will help Samsung minimize any inconvenience for customers by preparing for a delay in activation due to gaps in supply and demand for particular colors.

Samsung will officially release the Galaxy Note 8 on September 15. Customers who didn’t place a pre-order will be able to purchase the new flagship smartphone then. Samsung is likely to follow this roadmap in other launch markets as well.



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