[Video] This is how Samsung tests the Galaxy S8 to ensure quality and safety

The Galaxy Note 7 turned out to be a massive failure. Even though it was a great device, it was a safety hazard due to faulty batteries. The company had to recall all the Galaxy Note 7 units it shipped worldwide, and apologize its customers. Samsung not only suffered an enormous financial loss due to this recall but also to endured its worst branding nightmare ever. Airlines reminded travelers for months that the Galaxy Note 7 was a safety threat, and it could catch fire at any moment.

Samsung clearly doesn’t want to go through the same painful situation once again, so it created a new 8-point battery safety check three months ago for improved product quality and safety. The newly released Galaxy S8 and S8+ pass through the same procedure, and the company says that it is doing everything it can to ensure highest product quality and safety. The devices go through massive charge and discharge tests, and the company is even inspecting battery suppliers for quality assurance.

The company wants to keep the whole testing procedure open, so it created a special battery analysis center that will be proactive in communicating with consumers. It is even taking help of external agencies and experts for improving its battery testing procedure even further. Samsung has released a new video that showcases how the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are tested in its factories to ensure the highest product quality and safety so that it can regain consumer confidence.

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