Samsung is doubling down on product safety for the Galaxy S8

Samsung has officially confirmed the reasons why the Galaxy Note 7 had the tendency to catch fire and it has also promised to ensure that customers don’t have to go through something like this ever again. The company wants to put the Galaxy Note 7 behind it and come out swinging for the fences with the Galaxy S8 which it hopes will reinforce its image as an innovation leader and help regain lost consumer confidence in the company’s products.

The company is understandably doubling down on product safety for the Galaxy S8. It has implemented a new 8-point battery safety check to ensure that these issues don’t surface again. The company has also decided to receive advice on improving product safety from experts in academia and external research centers in South Korea and across the globe.

Samsung has set up a specialist team that’s going to deal with core parts design, verification and process control. It has expanded recruitment of external experts to further enhance expertise in component development. An advisory board composed of experts from research institutes and academia. The advisory board includes experts like Dr. Claire Gray of the University of Cambridge, Dr. Gerbrand Cedar of the University of Berkeley, Dr. Yi Chui of Stanford University and CEO Amarz Tech Consultant Doru Amaz.

Samsung has clearly prioritized product safety as it seeks to ensure that there’s never a repeat of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. As it stands, it’s highly unlikely that something like that would happen again. Samsung has confirmed that it won’t unveil the Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017 next month, the launch event is now expected to take place by the end of March with the release slated for mid-April.

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