Samsung confirms Galaxy S8 will not be unveiled at MWC 2017

For the past few years we’ve seen Samsung unveil its new Galaxy S series handsets on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. MWC 2017 takes place next month and there have been reports that suggest we might get to see the Galaxy S8 at the event even if the company doesn’t start shipping it until April. Samsung has now confirmed that this isn’t going to happen.

Samsung mobile chief Dong-jin Koh has confirmed that the Galaxy S8 is not going to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2017 which kicks off on February 27. While Koh confirmed when the handset will not be unveiled, he didn’t share anything about when Samsung is going to launch its new flagship smartphone. Reports suggest that the company is going to conduct an event on March 29 and will likely release the handset in the third week of April.

There is a lot of anticipation for the Galaxy S8 as it’s expected to be a major upgrade over its predecessor. It’s also the first flagship smartphone that Samsung will release after the Galaxy Note 7’s demise last year.


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Wait as long as you need to Sammy.


It doesn’t matter when at the latest it will be in carrier locations for sale April 18th.

I will be purchasing my S8Plus on day one along with the GearS3 Frontier.

At the end of the day Samsung is technology and Android period everything else is pretty much worthless and comically boring and obsolete.