Samsung gives up on digital cameras

Samsung has long been a player in the digital camera market but the company appears to have stopped production and sales of these products. The digital camera market itself is declining given that almost everyone prefers smartphone cameras for informal photography and smartphone cameras continue to get better with each generation.

It has been a while since Samsung last launched a new digital camera, the last time it did that was with the NX500 mirrorless camera that came out in March 2015.

An unnamed Samsung official revealed to a local news outlet in South Korea that Samsung is no longer producing and selling digital cameras but also pointed out that it will create a new camera product category to continue the business.

The new category is expected to include cameras for smartphones and other mobile devices. The Gear 360 camera is an example of one such product. It has already launched a new model of its virtual reality camera and it goes without saying that the company will continue to improve this product over the coming years.


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2 months 15 days ago

It is odd. Their camera capabilities on their smartphones are the best or one of the best on any smartphone. You’d have thought they’d be great at making actually digital cameras.

2 months 15 days ago

They actually are great at making stand alone cameras it’s just that they can’t compete with Nikon and Sony in the area because that market is very hard to get into when mobile phone cameras are as great as they are. It’s smart for Samsung to focus on improving their mobile sensors for now because that’s where they are the strongest competitors. Samsung’s position in the DSLR space is like Sony’s in the mobile phone space, and Sony has stepped a bit back from pushing their phones. So it makes sense.

Also, I have a Samsung NX210 (micro 4/3) camera and it is incredible. It looks great, it works extremely well, and I absolutely love it.

2 months 15 days ago

They could turn thay whole unit into producing small amazing Mobile phone cameras. Imagine what could be…

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