Exclusive: Samsung working on Tizen-based NX500 camera

Samsung’s first Tizen-based device wasn’t a smartphone, but the NX300M, a mirrorless digital camera that was launched almost a year ago. Now, we’ve learned that Samsung is working on a successor to the NX300M, dubbed the NX500. Like the NX300M, the NX500 will be based on Tizen, and will most likely offer the same mirrorless setup but with an increased resolution count and (hopefully) image quality. We don’t know what the specs of the camera will be, but given how good the NX300M is, the NX500 should be a great option for those looking to buy a digital camera

We expect the NX500 to be unveiled at CES next month, and we’ll be doing our best to gain more info on the camera before it gets officially announced.

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