Samsung allegedly withdraws from the camera market in Australia

Back in November, Samsung revealed that it had to close down its digital camera division in Germany due to a lack of sales, then one month later it withdrew from the industry in the United Kingdom. However, despite pulling the plug in two main regions, sales still looked to be up in Australia. Up until now, that is. Earlier today, an independent retailer in the region published a statement claiming the South Korean company will not be sending any more inventory to the country and that it informed bricks-and-mortar stores to concentrate on selling old stock.

This doesn’t mean that the firm won’t be bringing its first 360-degree camera to the Australia, though. The Gear 360 will still launch according to schedule later this year in a handful of the region’s largest standalone retailers where it will carry a price tag of around AU$350-400. The device is also expected to be stocked in Samsung’s Experience Stores in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney where representatives will offer customers the opportunity to have some hands-on time with the device before they purchase it.

It’s worth noting that, unfortunately, the authenticity of this claim can’t be verified at this time, so we’ll have to take this revelation with a considerable pinch of salt until we have more information on the matter. It does seem fairly likely, though, seeing as the manufacturer has been struggling with sales of its NX1 DSLR camera for some time now, which was at one time its best selling shooter.

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