Galaxy Note 5 Duos Nougat update released

It has only been a few weeks since the Galaxy Note 5 started receiving the Android 7.0 Nougat update. The roll out began in Turkey and has since been expanded to other countries across the globe. Just yesterday, Sprint became the first carrier in the United States to send out Nougat for the Galaxy Note 5 on its network.

Samsung is now rolling out the Galaxy Note 5 Duos Nougat update as well. The handset – model number SM-N9208 – is receiving said update in Indonesia and the Philippines. Firmware version N9208XXU3CQC6 is being rolled out for this dual-SIM handset. It’s available for download via our firmware section.

It’s the same Android 7.0 Nougat update that people have come to know and love, bringing a plethora of new features for the device which we’ve detailed in a video review embedded below.

Since major firmware updates are almost always released in phases, it may be a while before all Galaxy Note 5 Duos owners receive Nougat on their handsets.


Thanks, Haris!

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5 days 7 hours ago

Finally they came out with a laggy nougat for note 5 n9208, laggy keyboard, laggy screen, etc. I dont have words to express my feeling. Now my phone is on a crap nougat software.

16 days 7 hours ago

I have the Note 5 SM-N9208(Philippines) but I haven’t received the nougat update yet, but in sammobile it says it’s already out. I am trying to update via OTA(over the air) but have no luck, anyone can tell me what’s going on? Thanks

16 days 7 hours ago

I don’t why these article revealed Note 5 duos has been released in Indonesia. But my N-9208 got nothing. Anyone in Indonesia got the Nougat?

17 days 11 hours ago

Please Do not update to Nogut:
The Battery life has become worst, I have tried everything, like hard resetting(2Times), clearing cache etc, nothing helped.
Marshmallow was much better in terms of battery life compared to this Nogut.
Other than battery life, the User interface is nice and different, support for icons in themes.
Though the use of Resolution change is uSeless, i dont find any difference.
One more minor bug, delay while using recent and back buttoms, its visible.
Kindly help me to get back to marshmallow.

17 days 10 hours ago


17 days 6 hours ago

Yes, and the minor bug is when we clear the recent applications, it takes a second to go back to home screen(lag) but battery life is really worst compar3d to marshmallow, I guess its because the signal has become weak on jio network.
Earlier on marshmallow the signal was strong, this may be the reason of bad battery life. Hope they soon provide any update to fix the battery life, else I will have to look for other options.

17 days 18 hours ago

When…..will the malaysia note 5 release

19 days 4 hours ago

N9208 Taiwan got Adroid Nougat

10 days 22 hours ago

did u really got the update ???

12 days 23 hours ago

I haven’t seen anything yet.

19 days 7 hours ago

Galaxy Tab S2 Italy got Android Nougat

Jonathan Dekel
19 days 17 hours ago

How do I get this phone in South Africa. Contacted Samsung South Africa and they don’t know of about it

Alexandru Carjan
19 days 19 hours ago

And here am I still waiting for Android 7 on my unlocked international S6….

19 days 12 hours ago

Nougat update for S6/S6E International version has been rolled out already.
All you need to do is grab any 7.0 firmware of your choice from Firmware section and flash it using Odin.

Alexandru Carjan
19 days 4 minutes ago

I dont want to install it manually and after that being forced to wipe everything on my phone just to have automated updates again

19 days 7 hours ago

What? You mean ‘I’ variant?

19 days 7 hours ago

No. International versions (G920F & G925F)
“I” variant is a Region Specific model.

19 days 18 hours ago

you must be a retarded skid then that roots because it’s cool and all the cool kids do it !11!11

19 days 9 hours ago

Why complain, and using ODIN is easy as pie but remember backup your data first before flashing.

19 days 23 hours ago

Still waiting for Taiwan

20 days 4 hours ago

Yet the f*cken G920I/925I variants of S6/edge are collecting dust. Good f*cking job, Samsung

20 days 3 hours ago

Who the f*ck downvoted? Are you autistic? Dumbas$

19 days 18 hours ago


19 days 4 hours ago

Is that your nickname? Nice.

19 days 22 hours ago

.. are you 10 years old, Einstein? move on, and please, take your 6 year old Prius and skinny jeans with ya, son ..

19 days 4 hours ago

Wow, I sure did stick my foot in my mouth, huh? That’ll teach me! Thanks daddy, I don’t know what I’d do without you!

Arif Kamarudzaman
20 days 5 hours ago

Still waiting for Malaysia.