[Update: Galaxy S6 edge+, too] Sprint Galaxy Note 5 Nougat update rolling out

It has been three weeks since Samsung rolled out the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Galaxy Note 5 in Turkey. The update has been rolled out in more countries since then and now it appears that Sprint is the first carrier in the United States to release it for the Galaxy Note 5 on its network.

We’re receiving reports that Sprint has started to roll out the Nougat update for the Galaxy Note 5 in the United States. The firmware appears to be rolling out in phases so it’s definitely going to take some time before it shows up for more users. Sprint is rolling out firmware version N920PVPU3DQC5 for the Galaxy Note 5 in the country.

The carrier hasn’t updated the support page for the Galaxy Note 5 on its website yet and it’s still listing the February security patch update that it sent out that month as the most recent update but it’s likely going to be updated soon as the roll out progresses over the coming days.

Are you a Sprint user who has received Nougat on the Galaxy Note 5? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

Update: Our readers tell us that the Galaxy S6 edge+ is also getting Nougat on Sprint. Check to see if it’s available for you from the Settings » About device menu.


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7 days 16 hours ago


22 days 11 hours ago

when releseing by odin

23 days 9 hours ago

Got the update on my sprint note 5. It fixes deep sleep for those who had already rooted their device.

23 days 10 hours ago

Go Verizon!!

Andy Derps
23 days 16 hours ago

Downloading mine in Malaysia as well. Galaxy S6 Edge+

Haziq Khairudin
23 days 18 hours ago

Any info about the OTA release date?

23 days 21 hours ago

Received Nugat 7.0 4/4/17 Sprint G6 Edge+

23 days 23 hours ago

Excited to try this out, just started downloading mine!

Chadrick Walsh
24 days 9 minutes ago

I have Sprint and got the update at 3am in the morning. I have been enjoying it all day here in North Dakota. It has all the features that I loved about the note 7 before I had to give it back twice. I almost switched to t-mobile but I think I will stick with spring because we seem to get updates weeks before Verizon or AT&T. t-mobile just can to town but it seems it isn’t reaching people yet.

23 days 10 hours ago

got the update in Nebraska about 26 hours ago. Poor North Dakota. Looks like they’re still waiting for good English teachers with their cell phone updates..

24 days 4 hours ago

Waiting for T-Mobile to take action.

23 days 13 hours ago

Same but I have Verizon

24 days 5 hours ago

S7 edge g935u, anytime now samsung. No need to wait. Just fire out nougat to us.

Jesse Henderson
24 days 5 hours ago

Yep got it this morning. So far so good.