Galaxy Note 5 Android 7.0 Nougat update rolling out in Turkey

Samsung Turkey published a detailed roadmap for the Nougat update release in the country last month. The roadmap mentioned when this much-awaited update will be released for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. It also revealed that we should expect the Galaxy Note 5 to receive Nougat by mid-March.

We’re now receiving reports that the Galaxy Note 5 Android 7.0 Nougat update is being rolled out in Turkey today. Samsung is rolling out firmware version N920CXXU3CQC7 in the country. The update weighs just under 1.3GB which makes sense considering its a major update.

It may take a while for the update to go live across all regions of the country but at least Galaxy Note 5 owners in Turkey can rest assured that they will soon be running the latest and greatest iteration of Android. The firmware file is also available from our firmware section.

This goes to show that Samsung will soon start rolling out the Galaxy Note 5 Android 7.0 Nougat updates in other markets as well in the near future. We should expect the update to go live in additional markets across the globe in the coming weeks.


Thanks, Enis!

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12 hours 38 minutes ago

A5 2017 modeli 3000bin mah batarya kullanan cihazda always on display kullanılırjen note5 de neden yok çok sacma kınıyorum samsung’u 3000tl satın aldıgım tlfnda kısıtlama yapılıyor

1 day 17 hours ago

Can i down load firmware for samsung galaxy note 5 model sm-920G iam from India so I can flash through odin

2 days 4 hours ago

And Android 7 for Note 4? Another reason I got a iPhablet – tired of being ignored by Samsung

2 days 7 hours ago

Got the update. Saudi Arabia.

When i try to install Always On Display it says a package with same name exists.

Is there any way to activate the hidden installed Always On Display.

Jay Dimaandal
3 days 9 hours ago

Can i install this in note 5 920i

3 days 19 hours ago

I have problems with this update fast charging it’s very slowly we need to fix it

4 days 5 hours ago

Received Nougat 7.0 this morning for my Note 5 I have the N920C UAE model and I live in Ireland

shahbaz alam
4 days 7 hours ago

Please Android 7.0 for Note 4

4 days 14 hours ago

also on israel!

5 days 1 hour ago

What about s6 edge+

5 days 6 hours ago

can i download this version on my phone by odin on note 5 SM-920G ????

5 days 13 hours ago

can i download this version on my phone by odin on note 5 sm 920c ???? please any one tell me

5 days 12 hours ago

yes you can

juber jk
5 days 14 hours ago

samsung a710fd naugat 7.1 new fremwer post queck

Alexandru Carjan
5 days 23 hours ago

And still no update for the S6 in Romania yet the news i read from here it sais its avaliable…And yes i am on Vodafone

shahxad rao
6 days 2 hours ago

i am trying to downlode 7.0 for my note 5 but the error comes “Session has expired. Please logout and login again.”
please help

5 days 12 hours ago

clear cache on your browser

6 days 3 hours ago

I installed the 7.0 I have a question, for the secure folder I downloaded APK from sammobile but when the install I have the error ‘an existing package by the same name ..’ I do a search in the applications it system there is no application of secured folder !!
Thank you for your help :)

5 days 12 hours ago

7.0 comes with the private folder so no need to install it. Just check on the notification bar there is private mode

5 days 10 hours ago

The private mode does not add the folder to the screen but it only hides the selected items

Faisal 123
5 days 21 hours ago

That app.. not supported nougat.. plz download nougat verson app…

6 days 5 hours ago

what about ota update all countries???

Faisal 123
5 days 21 hours ago

Ota update not coming for global yet…

6 days 8 hours ago

Im having an issue when my phone no longer fast charges.. it says its fast charging but its very slow and it doesnt reach 100%. but this is solved when my phone is swtiched off.. please help :/ how do i fix this. ive factory reset this 2 times. still problem persists.

6 days 7 hours ago

Use your phone till battery reduce to 0 and switch off on its own. Leave it for few minutes then start charging it and use. It will be ok

6 days 13 hours ago

Flashed the new firmware on my note 5 sm-n920c good update. The only problem im having is that in the messages app switching languages on keyboard while typi g is slow sammy fix it plz

6 days 13 hours ago

DANiel face any problem after update note 5 by odin?? turkey version?

6 days 13 hours ago

daniel you FROM???

6 days 13 hours ago

flashed by odin ???

6 days 15 hours ago

Do you update will arrive to notes 5 n920w8

shkar azad
7 days 2 hours ago

this frimware work on every 920 c model mine from uea ?

7 days 2 hours ago

I have N920C and im from Romania. When i will get the update OTA?

6 days 9 hours ago

In Romania Note 5 don’t get any updates because in Romania Note 5 isn’t avaible… only if you flash woth odin from another country

7 days 5 hours ago

Flashed the TUR rom from sammobiles and my Note 5 is gettin g random reboots now. Anyone else having this problem?

7 days 8 hours ago

why SM-G920i hasn’t updated yet? what is delaying the OTA?

Faisal 123
5 days 21 hours ago

Quality cheack

7 days 17 hours ago

Samsung India learn something from Samsung turkey.

Turkey – S7 nougat on 13th February, S6 nougat on 10th March and now Note 5 nougat too on 17th March.

India – S7 nougat way back on 26th January, nearly 2 month passed and nothing for S6

Wake up from your deep sleep #Samsung_India

7 days 16 hours ago

we are going to have nougat for s6/edge in india by 22nd on the month