Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ pricing

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are official, after an insane amount of leaks that spoiled the surprise Samsung could have given us at the Unpacked event. You know the devices’ specs, you know what we think about them, but what about pricing? Well, as rumors had said, the Galaxy S8 is priced at Euro 799, while the Galaxy S8+ will cost Euro 899.

High prices, yes, and they might be slightly more in some markets (or less, depending on where you buy them). As usual, Samsung will announce pricing information for different markets in the coming days, and the general release date is set for April 28th. What do you think about the price tags carried by the Galaxy S8 and S8+?



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I cannot see any mention of any special promo/offer for Note7 owners. I had two Note7s, which were returned and Samsung UK had the cheek to ask for their ‘free’ early adopter’s gift back (the Gear VR), with no gesture for the inconvenience caused.

The S8/S8+ look good but given the experience with the Note7 I’m reluctant to take the plunge again with Samsung. A goodwill gesture might have helped but Samsung UK continue its appalling PR by ignoring many potential customers whose faith in Samsung was shaken by the Note7 debacle. How about it Samsung?


I ordered my S7 edge through the upgrade program in the UK last year so want to pre order the S8 but will probably hang fire as I’m assuming I be invited to upgrade any time now in which case they clear my balance on the S7 edge and arrange sending it back etc.


Wow, for the first time ever, the UK is better off! Lol, even if by a conversion of jus a £1
£684 and £779 respectively for the S8 and S8+. Still no Samsung Pay but at least we can get it 8 days early if we pre order. The yearly upgrade program is back and currently available in Black and that snazzy Orchid Grey!