Galaxy S8 spotted in blue, gray and silver colors

As the Galaxy S8 release draws near we’ve been hearing a lot of reports about the color options that Samsung is going to offer for its new flagship smartphone. Merely a day after we saw a leaked picture of what appears to be a violet Galaxy S8, we’ve come across four leaked pictures of the upcoming flagship that show the handset in blue, gray and silver colors.

These are obviously not the only colors that the new flagship is expected to be offered in. We’ve seen many leaked photos of the Galaxy S8 in a rich black color and it may even be offered in some shade of gold. It’s safe to say that there will most likely be five or more color options for the Galaxy S8.

However, it remains to be seen what colors are offered in different markets across the globe. We’ve seen Samsung only offer certain color options in select markets where it expects them to perform better so it’s likely going to stick to that strategy for the Galaxy S8 as well.


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