Galaxy S8 spotted in blue, gray and silver colors

As the Galaxy S8 release draws near we’ve been hearing a lot of reports about the color options that Samsung is going to offer for its new flagship smartphone. Merely a day after we saw a leaked picture of what appears to be a violet Galaxy S8, we’ve come across four leaked pictures of the upcoming flagship that show the handset in blue, gray and silver colors.

These are obviously not the only colors that the new flagship is expected to be offered in. We’ve seen many leaked photos of the Galaxy S8 in a rich black color and it may even be offered in some shade of gold. It’s safe to say that there will most likely be five or more color options for the Galaxy S8.

However, it remains to be seen what colors are offered in different markets across the globe. We’ve seen Samsung only offer certain color options in select markets where it expects them to perform better so it’s likely going to stick to that strategy for the Galaxy S8 as well.


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3 months 5 days ago

I’m sure the S8 will be very nice. Having been a Samsung supporter (over the fruit based devices) for many years I recently realised my loyalty has been misplaced.

Regarding my devices, S3 to S4 to Note 4, there has been a trend of poor customer service.

Tempted to try a fruit based variant in tablet and phone format it pains me to say that I succumbed to the temptation and frankly, I’ve never looked back. Samsung lost me. Not the end of the world for them but something for future S8 owners to consider… yeah, the S8 will be sexy as hell, and on launch day it will don a big red cape and a cool pair of red boots with a big “S” across its chesty screen, but tomorrow when it has lost its edge , its looks and is no longer considered the super hero (and that will come quicker than you think!) owners will be left high and dry.

Don’t get me wrong, the fruit phones have their draw backs, but they work exceptionally well and the service that accompanies them is simply world class.

3 months 4 days ago

WTF does that have to do with anything in the article. Nah tak ya “FRUITY” a$$ and go somewhere else.

3 months 4 days ago

Referencing the looks and the pretty colour options – each to their own. It really is a shame that Sammys support is not a “sexy” as the handsets – of course if your happy to buy a new handset every year or so that will not be an issue for you…

3 months 5 days ago

Those sensors ewwww

3 months 5 days ago

The only thing I noticed is that the fronts match the body color. I had hoped Samsung was sticking to an all black front to hide all those sensors etc up front… guess is that someone has added the color matching screen protectors and used them as claimed color options..

-posted from my Unlocked S7 G930U, still on December security patch level and Android 6.0.1

3 months 6 days ago

they fail for not putting fingerprint on the front… such a large phone on the back its stupid mistake no one holds their phone that way

3 months 6 days ago

The more the pictures leak the more I like it. Still hanging on for the next note which should be something really good

3 months 6 days ago

Honestly the blue looks good but i think that’s the only one that is the real colour of the device. The rest of them are screen protectors because if no one noticed the frames and side buttons on the other colours are black… the white should be white and silver .. the grey should be fully grey but i guess lighting can play a role also.

Riyad Rijvi
3 months 6 days ago

looks fake to me… how does Blue & Grey both hv 37% Battery Life together… i guess its just Fake Replica -_-

3 months 6 days ago

Blue looks awesome

3 months 6 days ago

Only the black one looks good to me.

3 months 6 days ago

A strip of colors using the Paint or Photoshop !!!!!!!

3 months 6 days ago

This must be fake. Cause darn they look plastic toy like:-( :-)

3 months 6 days ago

On screen show

Double tap to learn how to use off screen notificaton

Hold power and volume down for 7 sec to restart device

3 months 6 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks (sponsored by iPhone) :v

krimo dz
3 months 6 days ago


3 months 6 days ago

These photos are clearly the black variant with a screen protector indicted by colour of receiver and rear case.

3 months 6 days ago

Yes i agree. Thats not blue or gray or silver. It is a black one

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