Is this the Samsung Galaxy S8 in violet?

Recent rumors have suggested Samsung could introduce a violet color option with the Galaxy S8, and images have now surfaced online showing the device in the new paint job. The phone’s display isn’t on these images, but it certainly looks like the leakster has a prototype in his hands as he earlier shared photos showing the Galaxy S8 purportedly booting up with one of the recently leaked wallpapers.

If this is indeed the violet version of the Galaxy S8, we’re not sure we’re very impressed, as the color looks rather drab and boring. Particularly unattractive is the violet around the sides of the phone, and perhaps Samsung should have opted for a different color around the edges, like it did with the Blue Coral Note 7 and Galaxy S7 edge. The phone’s back also looks an awful lot like plastic, adding further insult to injury.

In any case, this is an interesting leak, one that could really frustrate Samsung should it turn out to be accurate. What do you make of the violet shade for the Galaxy S8?


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6 days 12 hours ago

If you can see the camera aperture is very small and the flash and the heartbeat reader is fake

6 days 13 hours ago

Fake, look at the led flash.

6 days 21 hours ago

This is not a original S8 ,because camera sensor is to small,fake or copy

Gabriel Micah Quinto
6 days 21 hours ago

I don’t think that will be quite close t the actual phone. Samsung likely use the color both front and back, not on the back only.

7 days 38 minutes ago

looks fake

7 days 1 hour ago


7 days 2 hours ago

This is hopefully just a case, because it looks fugly.
if it is not a case, what the heck is Samsung smoking, the Note 7 looked great in all colours.

7 days 3 hours ago

That’s is horrible

7 days 3 hours ago

I’ll stick to the silver-coloured S8 +. That being said, this doesn’t look half-bad. I could see some girls get this color (the color will probably be corrected in the final version of the phone).

7 days 4 hours ago

purple is not beautiful, it looks like a cheap toy, and the fingerprint looks very bad from behind, as some unnecessary thing that never do, this model certainly will not kupupim that this year does not bring anything better than s7

7 days 5 hours ago

Oh, that is ugly!! Grape is usually a nice colour but that isn’t right

7 days 5 hours ago

Looks like black one will be the better choice

7 days 5 hours ago

Looks shit

7 days 6 hours ago

That’s one ugly dummy unit

7 days 6 hours ago

Any colour is ok, because it will be in a case

7 days 6 hours ago

Rather have blue

7 days 6 hours ago

This is a dummy model…