Pre-order Galaxy Tab S3 in the US starting tomorrow, price confirmed

It was recently reported that Samsung would soon open pre-orders for the Galaxy Tab S3 in the United States. Best Buy’s listing for the tablet mentioned a $599.99 price tag. Samsung has now confirmed the official pricing and availability details for its new flagship tablet.

Customers in the United States can pre-order the Galaxy Tab S3 starting tomorrow from Amazon, Best Buy and Samsung’s online store. The tablet has been priced at $599.99. The Galaxy Tab S3 is going to be released in the country on March 24th and will be sold in Black and Silver colors.

Samsung isn’t offering the Bookcover Keyboard case as a pre-order incentive to customers in the United States even though it’s offering them to customers in Europe. The keyboard case is also going to be released on March 24 for $129.99.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Colours

This Android 7.0 Nougat-powered flagship tablet has a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED QXGA display with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor coupled with 4GB RAM and 32GB of storage that can be expanded with a microSD card.

The tablet features a 13-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front camera, 6,000mAh battery as well as audio tuned by AKG. It even ships with Samsung’s S Pen stylus for enhanced productivity features.

You can find out more about this new tablet in our hands-on review of the Galaxy Tab S3.

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1 month 9 days ago

So disappointed…With a premium tablet like this, what have we got in storage ? the cheapest and the the slooooooowest 32 GB eMMC storage !!! Why can’t we have UFS 2.1 high speed storage for this price ?? but no, it’s only just for the S8/plus series….Such a waste.

3 months 2 days ago

Just ran the numbers again (as in if i sold my S2 9.7 4G 32GB/Cover/Keyboard, at best i’d get £300, i paid £580, but it was offset by selling my Tab S and the Gear S2 bundled – so NET i paid £180.

The S2 4G alone cost me £449, the S3 WIFI is £599 and it is not even 4G and £150 more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think i’ll wait to see if a good Samsung bundle deal comes up, otherwise it really isn’t worth the upgrade, i don’t use the S Pen, the S2 display is awesome enough as is the processor, AKG speaker wise i always use my BT headset so pointless for me, Samsung Flow is still not as the Apple equivalent, only plus is fast charge as the S2 is painfully slow but does last on a full charge.

Interesting Apple snook in the iPad for £339, which to me is a watered down Air 2, but gotta say plenty of sheep will run to this offer.

So in summary Samsung release the S3 WIFI (£599) costing £260 than the S2 WIFI (£339) and Apple release a cost reduced iPad for £339.

3 months 7 days ago

Best buy has a trade in deal for $100 off the tab s3 with the trade in of any working Samsung,Apple or Microsoft tablet. They’re also including a 64gb micro sd with pre order.

3 months 8 days ago

When is it coming to the uk

3 months 8 days ago

So many people online saying that the price and pre order date have been finalised for the UK, when they haven’t! It was supposed to be up for pre-order today (17th) but it isn’t and people say the price is confirmed at £600, which it hasn’t.
Just have to wait and hope it’s revealed soon

3 months 8 days ago

It’s on there site today for pre order

3 months 8 days ago

Check out Samsung’s page again: £600.

Hate to say it but I told you so :)

3 months 7 days ago

lol, yeah it is now up for pre-order, price is £599.

3 months 8 days ago

When will the tab S3 make it down under, I hope that it will come to OZ sooner rather than later, sounds like a good upgrade

Eske Rahn
3 months 8 days ago

I wont buy , if it wont have GOLD COLOR option.

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