Galaxy S8 Plus 3,500mAh battery possibly leaked

As we mentioned in our what to expect from the Galaxy S8 article, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus might feature a 3,000mAh and 3,500mAh battery respectively. We’ve now spotted a leaked image of what appears to be the 3,500mAh battery of the Galaxy S8 Plus. If it’s the real deal it does confirm several things about the new flagship.

First off, it confirms rumors that the larger variant is going to have a 3,500mAh battery. That would be a concern for many who might think that it may not be enough. The markings on the battery itself reveal that the cell was made in Korea and assembled in Vietnam by Samsung SDI.

What it doesn’t reveal is who actually made the cell. Samsung has reportedly been working to diversify its battery cell supply chain for the Galaxy S8 following the disaster it suffered due to the Galaxy Note 7. It’s believed to be sourcing batteries from Samsung SDI, LG Chem, and Japan’s Murata Manufacturing Works.

Do you think a 3,500mAh battery will be enough for a 6.2-inch handset with flagship specifications or would you prefer if it had a bigger battery? Let us know in the comments below.


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Joseph De Stefano
3 months 12 days ago

Don’t know why Samsung just doesn’t go back to the removable battery like they last used in the Galaxy S5. Nothing can compare to the instantaneous ability to drop in a fresh battery and keep going about your day without having to Lug around a juice pack or a charging cord. Spare batteries are small and convenient to carry in your pocket and just pop the back cover off and swap it out and you’re at 100% capacity once again. I leave my home every morning with a fully charged spare battery and have not had to use a charging cord outside of my home in years

3 months 12 days ago

We need more battery capacity and better efficiency in terms of screen and processor- GPU .

This 3500 mah battery is totally failure for Samsung .

3 months 12 days ago

bigger battery doesn’t necessarily mean longer life, that’s why s7 edge lasts longer than others with bigger battery, it’s the result of many. ex/ 6gb drains battery faster than 4gb but people normally don’t use any more than 3gb, that’s why iphone with 3gb with half the size of battery works just fine, new processor is known to be 25% more efficient so what matters is not the battery size, it’s rather battery life

3 months 12 days ago

It’s same SDI battery found in more 7.

Don Mui
3 months 12 days ago

If the S8 Plus is going to be close to the rumored $950 range… 3500 mah is being on the cheap side.

3000 mah for the “smaller” S8… which is bigger than last years S7 Edge (which had a bigger 3600 mah battery!) is not enough.

David Willyiam
3 months 12 days ago

Xiaomi able to put 4400mah battery at their 6,4″ Mi Mix flagship, and 4000mah at many other cheaper device, maybe it’s a specialty of several Chinese manufacturers to be able to design their phones by putting a much more bigger battery at a descent size and slimmer device like Lenovo and Xiaomi, a things that South Korean manufacturer can’t do perhaps.

3 months 12 days ago

Title isnt good .. battery leaked !? OR battery photo leaked !?

3 months 12 days ago

The G6 has a bigger 3300mAh battery but it doesnt have the much more power efficient Snapdragon 835/Exynos 8895 processor and doesnt have the more energy efficient Amoled display.

So the G6 and S8 should do similiar.

3 months 12 days ago

3600mah is barely enough for QHD 5.5inch s7e, 3500 on 6.2 qhd? 2 to 3 hours sot at most, not even talking about intensive games, seems the phone to skip.

I hope Note 8 will come with 4200+ as it will need all the battery it can get.

3 months 12 days ago

Seriously cannot see the S8+ surviving more than a day, I think 4hrs screen on time will be the realistic battery life. Very disappointing, cannot see why they will not put a bigger battery in, and making the phone thicker

3 months 12 days ago

Trust me guys, we gonna be very disappointed, with this batteries, even the note 7 last a little less than s7 edge, how is 3000mAp gonna hold on on a 5.8inch screen it will be a disaster, even with super amoled, that I’m my experience its the best screen for the blacks, but with time amoled dies, my mate 9 has a better view for daily driver than my s7edge, I have so many trouble in diving at the sun, when need to check the phone.
Mate 9 that flat 5.9 brightness screen with no reflections on the edges its gorgeous, doesn’t mention the 4000mAp battery last way more than the s7 edge.
But let’s wait and see, maybe samsung surprise us.

3 months 12 days ago

You don’t seem to know what you’re talking about when it comes to the sunlight legibility of the screen. My Note 4 and Note 7 have excellent sunlight legibility. I agree the battery could be a lot better.

3 months 12 days ago

are you retarded?

3 months 12 days ago

It would be great if i see a biger battery in S8 ….i dont mind a few extra mm thikness! Im sick of one day battery life!

3 months 12 days ago

Other than new shape..which I’m not keen on…not much improvement on s7 edge

Martin Turnbull
3 months 12 days ago

Not enough battery as it need about 4000mah or wee more. S7edge is 3600 that perfect but for s8plus need more

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