Galaxy S8 battery reportedly being made by a Japanese company

The press is definitely going to pay a lot of attention to the Galaxy S8’s battery given that it’s the first flagship smartphone that Samsung is releasing after the disastrous battery failure of the Galaxy Note 7. The batteries for that handset were supplied by Samsung’s own battery-making division as well as ATL, a Chinese supplier. Samsung recently confirmed exactly what went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7 and detailed that batteries from both manufacturers had flaws. Perhaps that’s why the company is going to source the Galaxy S8 battery from a Japanese company.

Local media reports out of South Korea suggest that Samsung has decided to source the Galaxy S8 battery from Murata Manufacturing Works in Japan. It took over Sony’s battery business in June last year and will function as the second supplier for Galaxy S8 batteries. Samsung’s own division – Samsung SDI – will continue to supply batteries for the company’s next flagship in bulk. The orders are reportedly going to be divided between Samsung SDI and Murata Manufacturing at a rate of 8 to 2.

It was even rumored at one point that perhaps Samsung might start sourcing the Galaxy S8 battery from LG’s battery division, LG Chem, but recent reports say that it’s unlikely for that to happen now.

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