The Galaxy S8 could pack an LG Chem battery

It’s been revealed that Samsung is considering using LG Chem batteries for the Galaxy S8. This news comes just one week after the firm announced that it’s ending production of the Galaxy Note 7 after replacements started catching fire.

According to Maeil Business Newspaper, the company is attempting to strike a deal with LG Chem to provide the cells for what could be its only flagship smartphone to launch next year in a move to diversify its battery suppliers.

When Samsung issued its first recall of the Galaxy Note 7 back in September, it revealed that its in-house Samsung SDI batteries were the main cause of overheating and fires.

However, shortly after replacement units with ATL cells started making their way into the hands of consumers, reports started to surface claiming that they were exploding too.

Unfortunately, the exact cause of the second round of fires remains unknown. Samsung, together with the South Korean government are both conducting a thorough investigation into the matter, though.

In the meantime, it makes sense for Samsung to make plans to stay away from both ATL and Samsung SDI batteries and move towards LG Chem, a brand that’s stood the test of time and proved to be very reliable.

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