The Galaxy S8 isn’t out yet but its clone already is

It’s not uncommon for clones of upcoming flagship smartphones to appear well before the smartphone itself has been officially announced. We have seen plenty of leaked pictures and videos to get an idea of what the Galaxy S8 looks like and it appears so have no-name Chinese manufacturers who create these clones. The Galaxy S8 may not be out yet but its clone, quite possibly the first one, already is. It goes without saying that this is unlikely going to be the first and last Galaxy S8 clone. There will be many.

Spotting a clone isn’t that difficult even though the manufacturers try very hard to imitate the original device. Even though it appears to have a screen-to-body ratio that’s quite similar to that of the Galaxy S8, the alignment of the front camera and sensors is off while the rear camera is just too big. The incorrect placement of the fingerprint sensor on the back is a dead giveaway. It’s also missing the fourth hardware button that’s reportedly going to be for Bixby, Samsung new AI assistant that will debut with the Galaxy S8.

It’s unclear how much this Galaxy S8 clone costs in China but it’s obviously going to be priced much less than what the real deal will go for. There’s no word as yet on its specs as well but they’re definitely not going to be something to write home about.

Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus on March 29.


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