Even more hands-on images of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus surface

Over the past few days, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus leaks have been flowing in quicker than fresh water from a tap, and today’s no different as we’re catching yet another glimpse of the handsets courtesy of an anonymous case maker. The images, which were snapped at close range, corroborate everything we’ve seen (and heard) about the units in past, including that they’ll sport gorgeous edge-to-edge Infinity Displays and a fingerprint scanner on the back.

This latest set of pictures also cast light on a feature we’ve picked up on, but were skeptical about — a physical home button (pictured above) on the back of the Galaxy S8 Plus. It’s hardly a secret that both devices will sport on-screen keys, but there’s no denying the fact that the mysterious button in this image looks an awful lot like a shortened version of the traditional home key found on Samsung’s previous flagships.

Take a look for yourself in the gallery below:




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19 days 4 hours ago

i dont like fingerprint place :(

19 days 4 hours ago

it looks awesome…

19 days 5 hours ago

It’s ready…

19 days 8 hours ago

Hate the volume rocker…I like individual buttons instead.

Also, like everyone else I am cynical about the fingerprint scanner.

I am not really a fan of the new design, highly impractical.

19 days 11 hours ago

So far it looks sleek but usability options will be reserved until some one else reviews it or i hold it myself but i like what i see.
things i wanna see :
1) Double tap to wake.
2) Faster and cooler fast charging because Dash Charge is the shit.
3) Hope iris scanning is faster and works through glasses / sunglasses.
4) Lighter UI

19 days 11 hours ago

Are people looking at the first pic, the guy is holding the device at the edge and his thumb goes past half way up the screen, This really does look to be a small device with a big screen (obviously he could just have very large hands, but I don’t think so). I don’t think the fingerprint placement will cause camera lens issues, I’ve not had problems when reaching the Heart rate sensor, its not the best spot, I agree. but I really don’t think it is as big as problem as the screen being nearly bezelless, they have to have the best palm reject technology in order for this to work

19 days 12 hours ago

Demo unit?

19 days 13 hours ago

These are definitely INDUSTRY LEADING HANDSETS nothing will top the S8 and S8Plus until the Note8 and NoteFold in September.

Samsung has always been the one who pushes innovation and provides innovative solutions and feature implementations to it’s users and the industry.

Definitely expect 60 to 70 million S8 and S8Plus sold in 2017. #SamsungIsAndroid

Jadranko Pavlotić
19 days 8 hours ago

Hardly, maybe between 40-50 mil. the price for this device will be very high, so no to 60 or 70 mil. lol

Joe Mitri
19 days 13 hours ago

Reaching the fingerprint is half of the problem…
Touching the camera glass is the other half, cause everytime you wanna touch the fingerprint pad, you will touch the camera screen by mistake and fill it with your prints…and you have to clean it ! that’s ridiculous ! lens has to be away from everything, otherwise we will have to clean it every 2mn !

19 days 11 hours ago

I’m growing tired of this complaint … can wait until some one has the phone in hand to see if it will really be an issue because it takes the place of the old heart rate sensor if you used to you that it will be no issue and there is also iris scanning.

19 days 12 hours ago

Yep, until you get used to it. And then it will not be a problem anymore.

19 days 14 hours ago

how do i share news to sammobile?

19 days 14 hours ago

You can contact us on this email address: support@sammobile.zendesk.com

19 days 14 hours ago

thanx i just sent u an email regarding the new samsung beta app

19 days 15 hours ago

Could be impractical if some sort of pressing is required, unwieldy due to large size. Will reserve judgment until I buy, right after I sell my kidney.

19 days 11 hours ago

im hoping that the fingerprint is always on and the screen supports double tap to wake at that size and height.