Galaxy S7 Nougat release for Europe could occur on January 17th

We got our first peak at Samsung’s Nougat release timeframe as “early next year” when Verizon Galaxy S7 and S7 edge users in the US were abandoned by Big Red in Samsung’s Galaxy Beta program. Next, a post from social site Weibo showed that Samsung would end the Galaxy Beta program for Nougat testing at December’s end – and that Nougat would be released to current devices in January. That’s it. No specific date, just this month as the timeframe for the sweet treat’s release.

Well, a new leak says that Samsung may release Nougat for European Galaxy S7 models on January 17th. According to Google Translate, the first paragraph of the image below reads, “I’ve used SM-is expected G935F model. Your device to be released as Android 7.0 update of January of 17 of Nougat.” Yes, the screenshot there is in Spanish, but according to the source below, was translated from Turkish to Spanish and lost some details in the process.

galaxy s7 europe nougat release date

Additionally, the screenshot says “Android 7.0,” but Samsung has said that it would release Android 7.1.1, skipping Android 7.0 and adding in the incremental update to bring it current with Google’s latest release. With that said, either “Android 7.0″ refers to the basic label of the update (like Android 6.0 would be used to label 6.0.1), or Samsung intends to release one 7.0 update in some regions and 7.1.1 in others (which seems strange). Nougat is already rolling out as a soak test to some users, so the final release could be within days of schedule.

The model number above is SM-G935F, which clearly refers to European variants of the Galaxy S7 edge, so it’s safe to say that, if the screenshot above is true, then European models of the S7 edge and its non-edge sibling can anticipate Nougat’s release in about a week from now. Of course, we can’t verify all the details of the screenshot above and have ourselves received no specific date regarding Nougat’s release, so take this with the proverbial grain of salt.


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8 days 11 hours ago

Samsung users will never learn that Samsung will not release any update that have the new touchwiz look and design before the S8 because the S8 will have the new features and the Samsung experience with Android 7.1.1 then after four to six months of the S8 release it will be released to the S7, that is what Samsung do when it comes to updates.

8 days 16 hours ago

google translator is so bad

8 days 17 hours ago

yeah it is fake, and the spanish is also improper for business spanish de enerior De lol double DE never

8 days 18 hours ago

The screenshot is fake…The beta teams replied to 2 of my suggestions and it looks nothing like that random black lines and bigger letters.Poor photoshop skills

agustin perez mujica
7 days 17 hours ago

Déjate de historias que no era falsa sabelotodo

8 days 18 hours ago

Its because it has been translated from Turkish to Spanish, if you do a live screenshot translation of the Spanish to English it’ll be the same format. Regardless, I’ll be surprised if it does arrive then

vaibhav mehra
8 days 18 hours ago

This is my last Samsung device. Samsung is very slow in giving updates

8 days 18 hours ago

samsung better not screw this shit up by giving someone 7.0 an some other 7.1.1. all should get the same version

8 days 20 hours ago

unfortunality Samsung-TR changed their message. And there is no date in new message, just a day in january.
“17 Ocak tarihini işaret eden cevap, Samsung tarafından net bir tarih olmadan, Ocak ayı içerisinde olacak şekilde düzeltildi.”

8 days 20 hours ago

My last samsung device ever,
Too late on releasing updates …

8 days 23 hours ago

Samsung is late on updating software.

8 days 21 hours ago

I would rather say that they take more time for testing major updates than some other companies. Personally I highly prefer the approach they had with the 6.x and now with the 7.x update. Multiple beta versions and listening to user feedback from it is how it should be handled in my opinion. For many people it’s their one and only smartphone they heavily rely on on a daily basis.

8 days 20 hours ago

Being part of the Beta Program I have witnessed and experienced different bugs with every versions of beta update being pushed to our devices.
Samsung’s approach for delaying the official release inorder to iron every bugs and issues is the best move.
It’s better to wait for stable release than install a half cooked firmware with so many bugs.

9 days 3 minutes ago

It bothers me that in the past 6 months there hasn’t been any word, roadmap, plan, beta about the S6.

8 days 23 hours ago

It shouldn’t bother you. It’s been widely reported that Nougat is well under way for S6, S6 Edge and Edge plus, and Note 5. You find the information anywhere. Best complete article is on the gottabemobile site but even their information came from Sammobile! Maybe you missed it. . Check it out.

8 days 23 hours ago

It bothers me that the S6 edge+ is being left in the dust when it was the most expensive and widespread flagship of 2015. the Note5 got Grace UX while the edge+ hasn’t. The internals of the S6 edge+ are closer to the Note5 than the S6 and has never been a priority for Samsung. they continually improve the Note5 and, before the S7s, the S6 and edge were getting betas and updates. It was said from the start that the edge+ would be the forgotten flagship and I was hoping they were all wrong. Not holding my breath for a Q1 release of Nougat for the Edge+ even without having to work Note7 firmware anymore.

8 days 23 hours ago

Yep. I read those. But it is all very vague.
- WHEN do we get it? (a 2 month windows is okay)
- WHAT do we get? Do we get the new Grace UX (which I am looking forward too) or do we just get Nougat underneath the hood without all the great stuff.

9 days 1 hour ago

I saw on xda this must be so fake, :-P we can only hope but it for sure fake :-)

9 days 1 hour ago

What about India , when it arrives nougat to India ?
Samsung Always slow in updates when compare to other devices .

9 days 2 hours ago

Wow, that would be great. And if it was written in Turkish it could be good news for me too as I’m in Istanbul!! :)

9 days 3 hours ago

No way it’ll be 7.1.1. Still, 7.0 will be a good update from 6.0.1.