Verizon cancels Galaxy Beta Program for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

It is said that all things must come to an end. That is true, not only in life, but also in the latest beta program for Verizon Galaxy S7 and S7 edge customers. Samsung is making the following Nougat beta announcement in the Galaxy Beta app:

Dear Customers, Verizon will stay on the original software for the remainder of this trial. Beta trial users will be upgraded to the commercial N release when it is available early next year. Thanks, Galaxy Beta Program Team

What this means is that Verizon will no longer endorse the Galaxy Beta Program on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, so customers who’ve been making the most of the program will either remain on their current beta version or exit the program completely and revert back to the current Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Beta participants will get Nougat, but they’ll have to wait until “early next year” Samsung says. No, Android Nougat won’t arrive just in time for Christmas.

We don’t know if this will be permanent for upcoming OS updates, but it certainly seems abrupt at this point and is discouraging to Samsung customers with Big Red and intrudes upon Samsung’s own vision for its customer base.

Verizon has not only done this, but other past actions that make Big Red suspect when it comes to Samsung devices. In the Galaxy S5, Verizon customers were denied Download Booster until a later update added it back. On the Galaxy Note 5, Verizon customers were denied Samsung’s Write On PDF feature until Verizon brought Marshmallow to the Note 5 back in March of this year (though Samsung did bring it to the Play Store even earlier). Even with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s 15GB Samsung Cloud storage was hidden from users who had to use an app shortcut to find it in their software.

Verizon Galaxy S7 and S7 edge customers, what do you think? Have you received the message yet? Planning to stay in the Galaxy Beta Program until Nougat lands, or revert back to Marshmallow?

Galaxy Beta Program verizon cancels


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6 months 15 days ago

Luckily in my country, the devices here are given updates based on Samsung Malaysia. The carriers here have no control over software updates in the country.

il buono
6 months 16 days ago

Honestly, Samsung isn’t any better. They treat the unlocked US models (G930U and G935U) as second-class citizens. They’ve had less update than carrier models, and last I checked, the unlocked ones haven’t been able to partake in the Nougat beta.

6 months 15 days ago

I’m confused as well, I bought a UK unlocked Edge+ and the firmware history has shown that majority of the carriers have been updated to the Nov. Patch but the unlocked model hasn’t. I don’t understand why unlocked versions are being put at the bottom of the priority list when surely they must be the easiest to update?!

A Sweaty Womble
6 months 16 days ago

This is ridiculous… At no point should a carrier tell a manufacturer what they can and cannot do. Samsung should just tell Verizon to go suck shit in a field. Samsung manufacturer the device and provide the software, so they should tell Verizon exactly what is happening and how it is happening and not the other way around.

Can someone please explain to me why we’re in the situation where carriers are handling software updates for phones rather than the manufacturer when all they do is screw everything up? Apple doesn’t take this kind of shit.

6 months 16 days ago

Well the reason the carriers do it is because SAMSUNG WONT..perfect examples are the SM-G930U and the SM-935U in the US

6 months 16 days ago

I believe that the number of unlocked phones in the US is the delay. Samsung updates are included in the carrier updates, usually some time after the European updates. We continue to empower the carriers by the way we have been conditioned to purchase our devices. Apple started slowly because they wouldn’t give it up. Samsung and the other manufacturers need to also take control.

Allyn K C
6 months 16 days ago

I was surprised that Verizon allowed the Beta program in the first place. It released some of their control, and gave customers visibility to features that Verizon prefers to hide in favor of their own sub-par offerings.

Although, I am curious … is the statement “users will be upgraded to the commercial N release when it is available early next year” for when Verizon will get it? Since they usually lag by several months, I suppose there’s still a chance that international and/or unlocked devices may still get it at soon as the end of this year?

6 months 16 days ago

Updates are too slow from Samsung. Verizon on many things even before smart phones have made me wish I had other service options…. My next device needs to be unlocked. Security updates 6 months late are unacceptable.

6 months 16 days ago

I wouldnt recomend an unlocked device in the US, Samsung wont even keep up with ANY security updates that carriers have already released!!

6 months 16 days ago

Next year? Samsung is slow. We all know that but damn!

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