Galaxy S7 Nougat beta program ends today, official release in January

We picked up a post on Weibo yesterday which suggested that Samsung might be ending the Galaxy S7 Nougat beta program soon. The company has released five versions of the Android 7.0 beta firmware for the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge so far and it has now confirmed that the Galaxy S7 Nougat beta program will indeed be ending today.

Samsung has posted a beta notice for members of the program in the Galaxy Members app confirming that the program is going to end on December 30 at 24:00. The company thanks all of the members who showed interested in this exercise and promises to apply most of the opinions that it received during the course of this program in the official Nougat release.

After today, the company will not release a new beta version and will not provide any individual feedback related to “Error report” and “Suggestion” in the app. Feedback will only be managed via “community” from now on.

Samsung previously confirmed that the official release of Nougat will start from Android 7.1.1. The company promises to do its best to release the official version of Android 7.1.1 for the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge in January.


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15 days 4 hours ago

So? When is going to be ready the new os?

22 days 17 hours ago

Mine S7 Edge (PL) non-branded just started downloading an big update (planned schedule to start every day at 17:00 CET), since I’ve 10mbit link and it started at 17:00, now it’s 17:17 and 28% download complete I assume it’s over 2GB of data hoping for a supprise of Nogaut ! :) Will post feedback after it’s complete.

21 days 21 hours ago


22 days 10 hours ago


22 days 15 hours ago


21 days 20 hours ago

It was the… December security patch, 277MB… most propably the distribution server was slow, therefore it did download so long time… so moch hope… but I keep hope that it will be released in Jan :)

22 days 19 hours ago

Yea sure it will get released in January, that is just to the carriers. Then we Wait for Months for each carrier to get it to work with their Bloatware in their phones. With some maybe we will see it on our S7′s by April or May. Wish Android was like Apple and they be in control of releasing the firmware.

22 days 22 hours ago

Tooooooooo late :|

22 days 22 hours ago

Does the S6 going to receive the update to nougat? And the security patch for December in Portugal? The s5 already received!!!!! I can’t understand this policy by Samsung!!!! Wy inferior model’s receive first updates than high end models!!!! My S6 is the SM-G920F!!!! SAMSUNG must think better in the customers!!!!!

13 days 1 hour ago

chill. the s6 will get the update

22 days 23 hours ago

What ever happens Samsung will release Android 7 only in the month of Late Feb or early March. Because in the month of April S8 release. It is kind of business trick used by Samsung at all time. If you want check with sammobile website having release dates of Flagship devices and Android releases. What a brilliant methods is used in the market. so Dear Folks do not too much excitement about android 7 for S7 & S7 Edge. But certainly people get Android 7 before April I swear.

22 days 19 hours ago

All depends on the Carrier when we will see it not Samsung since they are not like Apple and firmware comes direct from Samsung to us Customers. Carriers will get it and have to test is with running with all their Bloatware first before we the consumer get it. With AT&T being the worst with Late upgrades.

21 days 3 hours ago


23 days 55 minutes ago

When will it release for s6?

23 days 1 hour ago

Maybe with all the suggestions and feedback, 7.1.1 is basically done.

23 days 2 hours ago

Strange that there’s not been a beta release for 7.1.1 if that’s what they intend to release publicly.

23 days 1 hour ago

There is no something new in 7.1.1 except new emojis and other small thing .. its basically no hard work to release 7.1.1

23 days 58 minutes ago

Yea, you being an expert in android development…