Rumor: Samsung switching to software navigation keys with 3D Touch-like functionality for the Galaxy S8

We exclusively reported earlier this month that Samsung is ditching the physical home button on the Galaxy S8 for a better screen-to-body ratio. Bloomberg reported around the same time that the upcoming flagship smartphone from Samsung would feature a virtual home button for an ‘all-screen front’. Now, David Ruddock from Android Police has tweeted more details regarding the navigation keys on the Galaxy S8.

According to David, Samsung has decided to ditch hardware navigation keys on the Galaxy S8. It appears that the company is finally switching to on-screen navigation keys with some 3D Touch-like functionality, which means that Samsung will use a pressure-sensitive screen. Soft keys are said to be configurable too. The fingerprint sensor has been allegedly removed from the front of the device, but its new place is not known yet. Synaptics recently launched the first optical fingerprint scanner for smartphones, and it is likely to be used in the Galaxy S8. However, no one is sure if it will be placed under the screen or at the back of the device.

It appears that Samsung is finally aligning its thoughts with Google’s regarding navigation keys on Android smartphones. However, we should take this information with a pinch of salt as nothing can be said for sure until the Galaxy S8 is officially unveiled sometime next year.


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5 months 24 days ago

I hope to have the same design Xiaomi mi mix last giant screen, but unlike Xiaomi from both sides and the bottom without Hawwav.olecon the same design of the iPhone

5 months 26 days ago

I really hope Samsung implements these buttons in such a manner that they DON’T burn into the display, like the Nexus-devices. It would be awesome if the buttons could be disabled and you could use a form of gesturing (you could swipe up to go home, for instance). I am really concerned about burn-in if this turns out to be true.

5 months 26 days ago

Well, this makes it very easy for me to try another brand for the first time since 2011. I hate onscreen buttons like that. I have them on a Nexus 7 and can’t get used to them.

5 months 26 days ago

All those years samsung have been waited for apple to remove their physical home button then they decided to follow lol and they wonder why apple is making better sales anyway i am not buying samsung craps anymore after note 4.

5 months 26 days ago

I was never a fan of on screen buttons.
- they steal real estate from the display size and the immersive mode doesn’t always help with that
- so far every phone had the bottom bar so it’s just smart to use that for the buttons imho

So I really hope they’ll use capacitive buttons instead of on-screen. At least until a phone has a screen that goes to the bottom (which could make the phone more fragile)

5 months 26 days ago

I really hope that this doesn’t become true. As I hate on-screen software navigation buttons on AMOLED displays as there is a great chance of them causing burn-in damage to the display.

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