Bloomberg: Galaxy S8 to feature ‘all-screen front’, virtual home button, single rear camera

The Galaxy S8 looks set to make quite a few big changes that may or may not go down well with consumers. We exclusively reported that Samsung will be ditching the home button with the Galaxy S8 in order to put in a larger screen with very little bezel, and Bloomberg is reporting on similar lines today that the Galaxy S8 will feature an “all-screen front” and a virtual home button. The report also reiterates that the Korean giant will only use a single rear camera because of higher manufacturing costs.

Rumors have said that the Galaxy S8′s displays will be sized at 5.7 inches and 6.2 inches, and a virtually bezel-less design would certainly allow Samsung to fit in such large displays without increasing the device’s dimensions by a large margin. Bloomberg also says that Samsung, instead of using its traditional button, is building a virtual home button “in the glass in the the lower section”. It’s not very clear what that means, but we’re guessing Samsung will be using a capacitive key for the home button or moving to on-screen navigation buttons (the latter is more plausible if an “all-screen front” is what Samsung is aiming for).

It is rather hard to believe all the rumors, but perhaps such major disruption is the only way Samsung would be able to make the Galaxy S8 stand out. As we had reported earlier this week, the Galaxy S8 will also come without a 3.5 mm headphone jack, similar to the iPhone 7, so if you thought the removal of the microSD card or the IR blaster was frustrating, you might want to brace yourself for the changes next year’s Galaxy S flagship could bring.


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5 months 19 days ago

I m happy to have non physical home button… Actually preferred it on my old htc m8 as means less thing that will wear out.

Only thing it will mean that the quick camera will be same as pixel double tap on the power button.

I m looking forward to the full screen but keep the same size as s8

5 months 19 days ago

I’m okay with all these changes but would like to have the IR blaster back.

5 months 19 days ago

I thought the idea was to update phones, not backdate them

5 months 19 days ago

big bs… no way there will not be a front cam.

Blood Wolfe
4 months 16 days ago

Excuse my delay, I only saw this article today as it was linked in a different one. Anyway, that bit aside, maybe try to read the article properly next time. Nowhere did they say no front camera. They said single rear camera as rumours and hype had people hoping for a dual rear camera setup.

Here’s a quote from the article:
“The report also reiterates that the Korean giant will only use a single rear camera because of higher manufacturing costs.”

5 months 19 days ago

I’ll pass.. I like the home button..
See what the S9 brings us..
I bet they won’t put in the IR again either..

5 months 19 days ago

If they put in a linear actuator at the same level as the Taptic Engine then I’d be fine with it. Obviously it’d need to have pressure sensitivity and gloves won’t be a problem because Samsung has a decent gloved mode.

5 months 19 days ago

Since the Note 7 debacle I have acquired both HTC 10 & LG V20. I find I favor less the on screen nav bar of the V20 and prefer the HTC capacitive keys even over those of Samsung. If the HTC 10 came in a 6″ screen I would be happy.

For me this is moot point if S8 comes only with curved screens. It adds form without function and price without performance. That will keep me away regardless of what Samsung does with the buttons.

5 months 19 days ago

It’s not really a bigger screen if the bottom part is effectively hived off to accommodate software buttons. All they achieve is the same usable screen area whilst losing the tactile and operational benefits of a real button.

5 months 19 days ago

They can add all the fancy stuff, make it a glass slab or whatever but if they remove 3.5 mm jack they will lose countless customers. People are NOT interested in DESIGN anymore! People want bigger batteries and NORMAL features like a headphone jack, removable battery and IR blaster. What is so hard to understand Samsung???Sammobile do you even give feedback to the Samsung about the discussion we have on this biggest Samsung Mobile platform?

5 months 20 days ago

S6 = removed SD, removed waterproof.
S7 = added SD, added IP68.
S8 = remove 3.5 mm jack, remove home button
S9 = add 3.5 mm jack, add home button…
the strategy of Samsung to make different phones !

5 months 20 days ago

Wow, 3451 new messages. Is that all front? Joke aside, it will not be for me if it didn’t have an S-Pen.

5 months 19 days ago

I absolutely agree. No SPen, no buy.

5 months 20 days ago

None of this is believable right now. It’s too early, and probably totally wrong.

5 months 20 days ago

Oh no, just not on-screen navigation buttons, thats that ugliest think i have seen. Capacitive key would be very nice,