Exclusive: Samsung will launch wireless in-ear headphones with the Galaxy S8

We reported a few weeks back that Samsung might remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the Galaxy S8, similar to what Apple, Motorola, and LeEco have done this year. Later, we reported that the company has multiple prototypes, and some of them do have 3.5mm headphone jacks. Still, the company might be pushing towards wireless audio. We’ve received information about the company’s plans to launch a wireless headset alongside its next flagship smartphone.

According to the information we’ve received, Samsung will launch new wireless in-ear headphones alongside the Galaxy S8. We’re not sure whether they would be bundled along with the smartphone or sold separately, but Samsung is surely looking to put out a product that competes with Apple’s AirPods. Whether or not these new headphones feature Harman audio remains to be seen.

We wish that Samsung sticks with a 3.5mm headphone jack for the Galaxy S8. We reviewed the Gear IconX, Samsung’s first completely wireless headphones, and found that it was a great concept but nowhere near an ideal solution to replace wired headphones. So it would be better if the company can show us proof (through its upcoming wireless headphones) that it is truly ready for a wireless audio future before yanking out the headphone jack from its smartphones.

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5 months 24 days ago

Wireless headphones are cancerous, and inefficient since they need to be charged. I hope they’ve left the headphone jack untouched because things could go ugly in the sound department.

5 months 24 days ago

Samsung already followed the iPhone company Mavera something beautiful .. and left Xiaomi better than the iPhone in design, especially Mai Max Blahawwav

5 months 24 days ago

Hallo ,

One think i cant understand why Samsung Follow Apple ?

5 months 26 days ago

I don’t even own a pair of earbuds, so I never use them. Even so, I use the headphone connection occasionally, and when I do it is because there is no other means available. Anywhere when I need to connect to a “legacy” system – my car, my sister’s hi-fi, the PA system at church, etc. People sometimes forget that “legacy” is all around us and it is seldom in our gift to change that. Being at the leading edge is not much good on its own.

Petsiotis Dimitris
5 months 26 days ago

I wish that they won’t remove the jack. It is so useful.

5 months 26 days ago

If they’re decent, and they’re bundled, that will only increase the price of the phone significantly. All for something I’m not even going to use.

Hopefully it will be just another senseless rumour.

5 months 27 days ago

Ah ah if Peggy same design Xiaomi mi mix big screen Bs without the edges of the sides and bottom reverse Xiaomi Samsung .rah be creative deserve 5 stars in the S category.

5 months 27 days ago

Hopefully the battery life is at least 6 hours long, like Apple’s Airpods. I really love the Gear IconX, but the battery life is just abysmal and they take way too long to charge back up. In-ear-buds are also superior to large, over-the-ear headphones IMO.

5 months 27 days ago

don’t try to cram too much features, just make sure it’s great at what it meant to be … a wireless earbud.

5 months 27 days ago

The battery life better not be as hopeless as the IconX.

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