Samsung develops second-generation Artik platform for IoT products

After launching its IoT platform Artik last year and then extending its functionality using Artik Cloud, Samsung has now launched the second-generation Artik platform. The company has also added a dedicated application processor developed specifically for its new IoT platform.

Samsung Electronics’ Device Solution arm will soon introduce the new Artik platform. Unlike its first-generation IoT solution where the company directly used the Exynos smartphone SoC, the second-generation Artik platform uses a sophisticated application processor designed for IoT use cases. This improves connectivity and makes it compatible with a variety of interfaces that are needed for IoT products.

The Artik 7 is a new product added to Samsung’s lineup, which already has Artik 1, Artik 5, and Artik 10. The Artik 1 is an IoT solution designed for wearables, while the Artik 5 is made for home hubs and smart cameras. Artik 10 is made specifically for home servers and multimedia players. The Artik 7 offers performance and power efficiency that sits somewhere in the middle of the Artik 5 and the Artik 10. The company is also planning to introduce Artik 0, which suits ultra-low power wearables and biodevices, to its lineup.

An industry representative said, “Samsung Electronics has set a strategy to sell ARTIK platforms to individuals and businesses. If it grabs an upper hand in IoT markets in advance, it will be able to achieve great success in ‘ecosystem business’ that was not done by Samsung Electronics in the past.

Artik, which is led by SSIC (Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center), is the company’s first product where it started the concept of platforms and ecosystems right from the get go. The company has partnered with operating systems such as Fedora, Nucleus, Tizen, and Snappy Ubuntu for Artik. It has also partnered with Medium One, a specialist in data processing, and Vayyar, a specialist in 3D radar technologies.

Samsung’s Artik platform is also compatible with Microsoft Azure and SAMIIO, a self-data collecting system. It is being reported that Samsung has already received a huge order for Artik 5 from a global IT firm, and this is the first time Samsung is such a huge number of Artik devices. Intel, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments are strengthening their IoT technologies to compete with Samsung’s Artik platform.


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