Samsung’s ARTIK IoT modules gets OCF certification

Back in 2015, Samsung announced ARTIK- an open platform for developing Internet of Things devices. ARTIK IoT platform is a combination of hardware, software and cloud components aimed at faster development of IoT devices. It is an end-to-end solution for companies to effortlessly make, easily link, and safely operate IoT devices. ARTIK platform is flexible and can be used to build anything from simple sensors and controllers, to home appliances and healthcare solutions.

Samsung’s ARTIK is an end-to end IoT platform

On the hardware side, ARTIK offers tiny ARM computers (referred to as ARTIK modules) that can be used in a wide range of smart appliances and IoT devices. On the software side, it offers developer tools. The cloud part of the equation consists of a dedicated cloud platform for connecting a wide range of IoT devices.

Continuing their work on the platform, Samsung has announced today that their Samsung ARTIK 05x series of modules have received 1.3 Certification from the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). The certification helps companies to build IoT devices (using ARTIK modules) that can seamlessly work with other OCF-certified IoT devices irrespective of their form factor, operating system or service providers.

Given how fragmented the IoT ecosystem is, standards like OCF certification should help in the faster development of IoT devices that are smarter, secure, and more connected. According to Samsung, ARTIK 05x is the first system-on-module family to receive this certification.


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