ARTIK 053 Module and Samsung Z4 showcased at TDC 2017

Samsung showcased two new Tizen-based products at the Tizen Developer Conference 2017 in San Francisco today. The new ARTIK 053 module is a lightweight Internet of Things chipset that features an integrated real-time processing unit that utilizes Tizen RT.

Samsung is positioning ARTIK 053 as an affordable Internet of Things solution with superior performance and improved security for next-generation products like connected appliances, heath care devices, building products and industrial automation.

The new module reduces development time significantly with its 320MHz ARM Cortex R4 core with 1.4MB RAM and 8MB flash memory. It even features a pre-certified Wi-Fi radio. Samsung will conduct an IoT Hands-On Lab session to showcase how software can be developed for IoT on the new module.

Samsung has also showcased its new Tizen-powered smartphone at TDC 2017. The Samsung Z4 was officially announced a couple of days ago. It’s a low-end device like previous Tizen smartphones with does have features that are focused on convenience and productivity.

The company introduced the Tizen Mobile Incentive Program for global app developers at the Tizen Developer Conference 2017. It’s offering developers a $1 million prize every month when the app is sold and place in the Top 100 on the Tizen Store from February to October 2017.


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