Marriott teams up with Samsung to showcase the ‘hotel room of the future’

Marriott International, the world’s largest lodging firm, has teamed up with Legrand and Samsung to showcase what the “hotel room of the future” could look like—and truth be told, it’s making us want to sell up and move into the suite (until our money inevitably runs out).

The IoT Guestroom Lab—located in Marriott’s Innovation Lab at its corporate headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland—is decked out with a number of Samsung’s IoT appliances, including an air conditioning unit and plug socket adapters, which are both controlled using a Smart TV.

“At Samsung, we aspire to make life easier and better for our consumers, whether they’re at home or their home away from home,” said James Stansberry, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ARTIK Internet-of-Things (IoT), Samsung Electronics North America.

The firm elaborated on its collaboration with Marriott in a blog post.

SmartThings Cloud

From what we can tell, the system Marriott has designed is based on Samsung’s recently-announced SmartThings Cloud platform, which works with not only the South Korean company’s in-house devices, but also a wide range of third-party connected products, including refrigerators.

The main advantage of using SmartThings Cloud, as opposed to a proprietary offering, is that everything can be controlled using a universal application, thus eliminating the need to purchase all of the smart home accessories from the same manufacturer to ensure simple control.


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