SmartThings Cloud unites all of Samsung’s IoT systems—and works with Bixby 2.0

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Last updated: October 18th, 2017 at 22:08 UTC+02:00

Samsung has today taken the wraps off SmartThings Cloud, a platform that will unite all of its IoT systems.

When it launches (unfortunately, there’s no word on when that’ll be), SmartThings Cloud will work with not only Samsung devices, but a wide range of other connected devices, ranging from refrigerators to TVs and from light bulbs to washing machines.

The main objective here is simplicity: Samsung wants you to control everything using one application—or Bixby 2.0—thus eliminating the need to purchase all of your smart home accessories from the same manufacturer to ensure simple control.

SmartThings Cloud will let you control all of your appliances in one place

With the new and—most importantly—open SmartThings Cloud, Samsung is connecting the fabric of the IoT experience and leading the democratization of the Internet of Things, said the firm in a post published on its Newsroom on Wednesday.

“Imagine turning on your favorite playlist, adding a few items to your shopping list and dimming the living room lights with simple voice commands, all in quick succession,” from a single application, we should add. Now that’s a life we can’t wait to live.

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