The Gear S2 in 18k Rose Gold and Platinum goes on sale in the US tomorrow

Samsung launched two new editions of the Gear S2 Classic at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 last month. Two weeks ago Samsung announced that it was launching the Gear S2 Classic in 18k Rose Gold and Platinum globally and since then the new editions have gradually been released in multiple markets across the globe. Samsung has just confirmed that the Gear S2 Classic in 18k Rose Gold and Platinum will go on sale in the United States tomorrow.

Both editions will retail for $449.99 and will be available at, Amazon, Best Buy, Macy’s and other participating retailers in the United States. The 18k Rose Gold edition is paired with an Ivory leather band while the Platinum edition comes with a Black leather band. Everything else remains the same so if you aren’t interested in the new finishes you can get the same Gear S2 Classic in stainless steel for $349.99.



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