Exclusive: Samsung’s Project Valley ‘foldable device’ (SM-G929F) will launch in these countries

Samsung’s first phone with a foldable display, dubbed Project Valley at the moment, is rumored to be launching in January next year, and we were the first to exclusively reveal the device’s existence. We have now been able to get more information on the device from our insiders, including its model number and a list of the countries where it might be released.

The Project Valley phone will carry model number SM-G929F. The Galaxy S6 edge+ has model number SM-G928, and the very small change in the foldable device’s model number suggests it could have specifications similar to the S6 edge+, with the foldable display being the highlight. As we noted in our initial report, the display will possibly form a V-like shape when it is closed, which is what gives it its codename and is a possibility that was backed by a Samsung patent we came across last month.

As for the device’s launch, our sources say it will be available in the following markets:

  • BTU – United Kingdom
  • CPW – United Kingdom (Carphone Warehouse)
  • DBT – Germany
  • ITV – Italy
  • KOR – South Korea
  • NEE – Nordic countries
  • XEF – France
  • XEO – Poland
  • XEU – United Kingdom / Ireland

For a device that will be considered quite experimental, that’s a pretty long list of countries. The US is notably absent from the list, but it’s possible Samsung will bring Project Valley to more regions later on. We will continue to hunt for all the details we can get on Project Valley, and share what we can with you guys as soon as possible.

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