The Galaxy Note 5 will be launched in these markets

It had been known for some time that the Galaxy Note 5 would not get a worldwide release, with Samsung focusing only on those markets where the Note lineup has been a huge success. However, Samsung has not been upfront about information on exactly what markets will get the Note 5, but we now know the countries where consumers will be able to buy the company’s new S Pen-toting flagship.

Here’s the full list, along with the device’s model number for each market:
(list based on available firmwares)

  • AFG – Afghanistan SM-N920C
  • XSA – Australia SM-N920I
  • VAU – Australia (Vodafone) SM-N920I
  • OPS – Australia (Optus) SM-N920I
  • TEL – Australia (Telstra) SM-N920I
  • CAM – Cambodia SM-N920C
  • CHC – China SM-N9200
  • TGY – Hong Kong SM-N9200
  • MID – Iraq SM-N920C
  • PTR – Israel (Orange/Partner) SM-N920C
  • CEL – Israel (Cellcom) SM-N920C
  • BTC – Libya SM-N920C
  • XME – Malaysia SM-N9208
  • MWD – Morocco (MWD) SM-N920C
  • MYM – MYM SM-N9208
  • NZC – New Zealand SM-N920I
  • VNZ – New Zealand (Vodafone) SM-N920I
  • TNZ – New Zealand SM-N920I
  • PNG – Papua New Guinea SM-N920I
  • XTE – Philippines SM-N9208
  • GLB – Philippines (Globe) SM-N9208
  • PCT – Puerto Rico SM-N920W8
  • KSA – Saudi Arabia SM-N920C
  • MM1 – Singapore SM-N920I
  • South Korea
  • BRI – Taiwan SM-N9208
  • TUN – Tunisia SM-N920C
  • TUR – Turkey SM-N920C
  • USA
  • VFJ – VFJ SM-N920I
  • XXV – Vietnam SM-N920C

Note: Not all countries are in this list yet. We will update as soon as we get the first firmware.

If your particular country isn’t on the list, it’s unlikely you will ever have official access to the Note 5. The Galaxy S6 edge+ will be the device you will have to settle for, which means you will get all the same hardware but without the convenience and productivity of a stylus.

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