Exclusive: No Galaxy Note 5 for Europe at launch?

We revealed a boatload of information on the Galaxy Note 5 earlier today (and on the Galaxy S6 edge+ as well), and we now have a few details on Samsung’s launch plans for the phablet over in Europe. Well, details on the lack of any such plans if we go by the fact that Samsung has currently put firmware development for the European region on hold.

Countries like North America, South Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Asia will be seeing the Galaxy Note 5 hit retail shelves, but neither Samsung Europe nor Samsung Russia seem to be working on the phone’s software. It’s not that the Note 5 won’t come to these regions at all, but it is possible the launch will be limited to a lesser number of markets than what we’re used to for Samsung’s flagship smartphones.

We’re only guessing here, but it’s also possible Samsung wants the Galaxy S6 edge+ to also see some attention in these regions when it launches alongside the Galaxy Note 5 in August; that could be why Samsung is delaying the latter’s release, and it could be that the company will follow its launch schedule of previous devices in the series and complete worldwide availability somewhere in October or later this year.

Like everything we learn from our insiders, anything and everything can change in the future, but for now it looks like consumers in Europe, Russia and possibly a few other regions will have a longer wait than others before they get the option to officially buy Samsung’s next S Pen-toting flagship.

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