Samsung applies for Gear W and Wheel UX trademarks

Samsung’s first round smartwatch, the Gear A, is currently undergoing development, and we’ve talked in detail about various aspects of the watch in recent weeks. One of those aspects is the new UI that the Gear A will be introducing to Samsung’s smartwatch lineup as a result of its circular design, with the Gear A to employ a rotary bezel ring and a digital crown for letting users operate the interface.

Well, it looks like this new UI is something Samsung is taking very seriously, as the company has applied for trademarking Wheel UX at the Korean Intellectual Property Office, hinting at its plans for making more round smartwatches that will all employ a similar round look. That’s further supported by the fact that Samsung has also trademarked the name Gear W; in addition to revealing that multiple new Gear smartwatches could be in the making, it also confirms that Samsung is moving to the same naming convention that it has employed for so many of its recent smartphones.

Check out the trademark applications at the source links.

samsung-wheel-ux samsung-gear-w

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