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Yesterday, in a blog post, Samsung gave a passing hint that it could be announcing new wearable devices at CES next week. Now, the company has taken to Twitter to tease the fact in a more in-your-face manner – Samsung UK has posted an image that shows the Galaxy Gear on the left and an empty space on the right, boasting the Galaxy Gear’s launch in 2013 on one hand, while asking “what’s next” just below the empty space.

Now, the tweet is accompanied by the question “What do you want Samsung to unveil in 2014?”, so it’s not entirely certain that this is a teaser for a soon-to-be-announced wearable device. However, with just a few days to go before CES kicks off, the teaser does hint at the possibility of a new product that becomes a companion to a Samsung smartphone or tablet, like the rumored Galaxy Band (which, according to other rumors, is to be unveiled at MWC in February) or, if Samsung has somehow managed to work faster than even Google and keep things a secret, wearable glasses called Gear Glass.

It’s all speculation for now, however, so don’t place your bets on any particular wearable device just yet.


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4 years 12 days ago

Galaxy Mood Ring. Its AMOLED display changes colors, according to your frustration at the delay of forthcoming firmware updates.

3 years 11 months ago

What an excellent idea! Samsung could add some acid into the display that would boil as your frustration increases, and drip onto one’s pulse, then measure one’s blood pressure.

Let’s hope Samsung development reads this. 🙂

4 years 13 days ago

I hope not the gear 2 since i just bought a galaxy gear

4 years 14 days ago

Galaxy Band probabily, though I would want the second gen Galaxy Gear..