Samsung could announce new wearable devices at CES, but probably not the Galaxy Gear 2

Could Samsung announce new wearable products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week? It’s possible, according to the words in Samsung’s blog post about what we can expect from the company at CES. Samsung mentions how the Galaxy Gear was launched three months ago, then goes on to say how the “smart home” market and the wearable device category is on the rise, and that some “innovative products” might be announced at the event.

Now, it’s far from likely that Samsung will suddenly announce the Galaxy Gear 2, as it hasn’t been long since the first Gear was launched, and also since rumors suggest the second-generation Gear will be unveiled at MWC in February (which itself seems rather unlikely and rather early.) It is, however, possible that Samsung will announce an entirely new category of wearables, like the rumored Galaxy Band (which is supposedly slated for an unveiling along with the Gear 2 at MWC) or Samsung’s answer to Google Glass, Gear Glass, with these products tying into the “smart home” that Samsung has been pushing. Of course, it’s possible the blog post simply mentions wearables for the sake of it, and CES will go without any announcement of a wearable device.


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