SamMobile confirms: Samsung’s new design pictures by Evleaks are FAKE!

Just few days ago, Evleaks posted a picture of a prototype Samsung device, which he claimed featured Samsung’s new design guidelines. We have just confirmed with our insider that the picture Evleaks posted is actually fake. In reality, the picture is of a Galaxy S4′s developer prototype. Our insider also has the developer prototype and has even sent us an image of his unit.

Evleaks has been a very reliable source in the past but, recently, his information about Samsung devices has been incorrect and misleading. Previously, Evleaks leaked what was claimed to be a press render of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV but that render was also fake, and was made by Expansys’ Web Designer. Today once again he has been proven wrong.


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3 years 11 months ago

it looks like new LG series smartphone…

4 years 6 days ago

This was a hit piece if I ever read one. Not only did the author namecheck me in the headline and capitalize the word FAKE — really, now — but the device pictured isn’t even the one I posted; mine had an S-Pen-like cutout at the bottom.

However, that point is really moot; I got these images, didn’t know what I had, so I asked a question of my followers. How that turns into FAKE is beyond me. No one made any claims about these handsets, and they are obviously real enough in the metaphysical sense, so the tone of this article is truly puzzling.

4 years 6 days ago

Evleaks is correct in his response, even if photos he leaked aren’t the final Note 3 design.

Look at his photos vs this one. Notice that compared to the one posted here, the evleaks models:
-are thicker
-appear to have a ‘cutout’ for s-pen
-are wider (assuming home button is same physical size, the relative size of button to phones width is definitely smaller)
-appears to have a thicker casing where it meets glass
-appears to that casing is about 1 mm above the surface of the glass face creating a raised border compared to image above which looks more flush.

I hope it’s not the final design. I don’t care for it and I would guess that it would be less comfortable to hold given its size.

4 years 7 days ago

At least they admitted it that it’s FAKE!! Don’t know why people would do that. :lol:

4 years 7 days ago

Will never understand why you like the HTC design… it´s so ugly… I love the plastic-fantastic-s4

4 years 8 days ago

please delete my posts, i just read that : “the picture is of a Galaxy S4′s developer prototype. ” (sorry)

4 years 8 days ago

It looks like an LG, glad it’s fake.

4 years 8 days ago

Shame that it’s fake as it looks much better than the S4 design they ended up with. :/

4 years 8 days ago

I dont like this design so much though too boxy. , as well as GS4. They could have designed it like Xperia Z and HTC One. :(

4 years 7 days ago

eh? the xperia z is a black brilliant brick. I really like the phone, very elegant, and this fake picture is similar to the xperia Z final design

4 years 7 days ago

The Xperia Z looks freaking awesome. Very modern, sleek and just sexy.

Compared to the boring soap bar design of the S4. Does it come with a gift bag from bath and beyond? If not, it should.

4 years 7 days ago

:D :D

4 years 7 days ago

^Hilarious! :lol:

Yeah I prefer the GS4′s rounded corner design. Nothing to brag about it what so ever. :)