Samsung selling seven times more Android smartphones than HTC in UK

Samsung has been outselling its smaller Android rivals, especially HTC, by large figures. According to Mobile Magazine, Samsung is selling seven times more Android smartphone than HTC in the United Kingdom. In the last three months Samsung sold 3.2 million Android smartphones in the UK while Sony sold 500,000 units and HTC sold 440,000 units, Sony is also outselling HTC.

Sony Ericsson used to be a major key player in the UK Mobile Industry and it still has some solid grounds even after the emergence of the stand-alone Sony smartphone brand. HTC is trying to change its luck with the release of HTC 8X and HTC 8S both running Windows Phone 8 but we are not sure if the launch of the new Windows Phone devices will make anything better for them.  There is no doubt that currently Samsung is in the number 1 spot for the sales of Android smartphones and it looks like it will be keeping that spot for quite some time, also Samsung’s Windows Phone devices are yet to be released.

(Via: BGR)

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4 years 4 months ago

Ok but please better support ok samsung? When s2 jelly bean update?????when???

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Dunatis, this site feeds many of us in very diverse ways, good English or not. I guess YOU need to get a job.

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It is – More Smartphones “than” HTC not “then” – maybe time to get back to school to learn English.

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A good stats.. plz share details of other mobile companies stats..

4 years 4 months ago

intresting news!!!!