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Latest HTC news

Here you will find the latest news and most recent developments on the HTC, with regular updates and all the information you need.

Samsung’s metaverse rival phone, HTC Desire 22 Pro, isn’t very threatening

  • By Mihai Matei
  • 7 months ago

Samsung’s old rival HTC to stage comeback with a metaverse phone

  • By Sagar Naresh
  • 8 months ago

An old Samsung competitor might be making a comeback

  • By Asif Iqbal Shaik
  • 11 months ago

Samsung teams up with Google, HTC, Oculus, Sony, and Acer to form the Global Virtual Reality Association

  • By Asif Iqbal Shaik
  • 6 years ago

HTC executive says Samsung is just in it for the money

  • By Adnan Farooqui
  • 8 years ago

Samsung: Here’s why you should buy the Galaxy S5 over HTC’s new One smartphone

Each year, various manufacturers unveil their flagship devices in the first few months, and then set sights on the consumer in order to sell these flagships. Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 in February, and HTC followed up with an announcement of its latest One smartphone, called the HTC One M8. Both are excellent phones in […]

  • By Abhijeet Mishra
  • 9 years ago

Why Samsung doesn’t ditch the hardware home button on its phones and tablets

The mobile industry has called out Samsung on many things, but one of the most recurring criticisms leveled at the Korean manufacturer’s smartphones and tablets – especially by the tech-savvy and geekier folks – is their continued use of the hardware home button. Every manufacturer except Samsung has embraced them at one time or the […]

  • By Abhijeet Mishra
  • 9 years ago

Round 2014: Samsung vs. HTC

Building successful brands and businesses is definitely and infinitely more difficult than the over simplified formulas presented in business seminars and text books. The often cited product characteristic of Quality, and management strategy of Perseverance, are definitely not as important as the experts in suits want us to believe. There are many instances in the […]

  • By Michael R.
  • 9 years ago

Can Samsung retain its Championship in the smartphone market?

The world has witnessed tremendous growth in the field of mobile technology in the last five years or so. These years may have very well written and rewritten the rules of the mobile industry for the foreseeable future. While five years may appear too short for such a dramatic change, it is not an exaggeration […]

  • By Abhijeet Mishra
  • 9 years ago

Samsung fined $340,000 for badmouthing HTC in Taiwan

You can’t run a smear campaign against a competitor in its home country and expect to get away with it, and while Samsung tried, the Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission is having none of it and has fined the Taiwanese manufacturer with a whopping $340,000, for running an internet campaign in which Samsung took to defaming HTC’s products […]

  • By Abhijeet Mishra
  • 9 years ago

HTC results might move Samsung away from using expensive build materials

Today HTC confirmed that the coming quarter might be very bad for the Taiwanese smartphone maker. HTC launched the HTC One early this year, a smartphone made out of aluminium. Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 a month after the One, and bloggers and hardcore smartphone customers began to blame Samsung for their build choice. HTC […]

  • By Danny Dorresteijn
  • 9 years ago

Samsung selling seven times more Android smartphones than HTC in UK

Samsung has been outselling its smaller Android rivals, especially HTC, by large figures. According to Mobile Magazine, Samsung is selling seven times more Android smartphone than HTC in the United Kingdom. In the last three months Samsung sold 3.2 million Android smartphones in the UK while Sony sold 500,000 units and HTC sold 440,000 units, Sony is also outselling HTC. Sony […]

  • By vitorcerq
  • 10 years ago